Cooking skills have three tiers:

  1. [Basic Cooking]
  2. [Advanced Cooking]
  3. [Expert Cooking]

Background Edit

The skills seem to provide an innate knowledge in preparing food. [Advanced Cooking] has been shown to allow you to cook lots of food in a very short time - Erin Solstice was able to prepare a stack of crepes large enough for three people, as well as sliced sausage, in only twenty minutesy[1]

Most [Innkeepers] and [Cooks] only have the [Basic Cooking] skill. Having the [Advanced Cooking] skill is quite rare and impressive - [Expert Cooking] is extremely rare however, and is generally only found among high level [Chefs]. People with this rare skill tend to be sought out by the nobility.[2]

Olesm mentions that nobody in Liscor has the [Expert Cooking] skill, however there are several in the Walled Cities.

References Edit

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