A Corusdeer is, as the name implies, a monster that resembles a deer.

 Appearance Edit

It looks like a deer, except for being twice as big as one. Furthermore, it has two antlers on it's head, which are orange/brown colored.

Background Edit

A Corusdeer was shown to have battled against Toren, while he was trying to level up. Toren managed to win, though only because Toren could constantly reassemble himself.

Powers/Abilites Edit

it can superheat its horns sufficiently to vaporize Torren's ribs.

Even Gold-rank adventurers don’t like taking on a herd of Corusdeer. [1]

Trivia Edit

  • Liscor's adventurer guild pays four silver for each antler, while according to Octavia: "one horn can go for as much as twelve silver pieces or double that if there’s a shortage".
  • Corusdeer love killing Snow Golems, as they are their natural enemies.[2]


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