Corusdeer are a monstrous type of deer. They are, apparently, a common occurence all over Central Izril at least.

 Appearance Edit

It looks like a normal reindeer, except for being twice as big as one. Furthermore, it has two antlers on it's head, which are orange/brown colored.[1]

Background Edit

They thrive in snowy climates.[2]

Threat assessment Edit

Snow Golems are considered their natural enemies, and are very vulnerable to their attacks.[3]

In winter, they defend themselves not only by attacking their enemies with the horns, but also by creating thick fog from snow.[4] They are considered an even more dangerous foe in the summer months, when their horns can start huge wildfires during dry seasons.

Single Corusdeer that go onto a rampage can be brought down, even by [Farmers] using pitchforks.[5]

They pose a very great danger in herds,[2] and most lower level [Hunters] don't dare to go after them. Farmers and herders don't like them near their areas. For that reason, driving away[6] or killing Corusdeer is a common task for adventurers[7], although that depends on the size of the herd in question. Even Gold-rank adventurers don’t antagonize large herds; and Corusdeer may form stampedes.[8]

Powers/Abilites Edit

Corusdeer are able to ignite their horns until they are hot enough to vaporize bone.[2] Their hooves are similarly charged. Once a Corusdeer runs out of Mana during a fight, this special ability fades away and the deer remains a non-magical animal.[1]

Other creatures have similar abilities, including the Ignition Salamander,[9] and Fire Beetles.[10]

Strategies against Corusdeer Edit

  • Toren managed to kill the first Corusdeer he encountered, though only because he had help from a Snow Golem and could reassemble himself after many of his bones had been disentegrated from heat.[1][11] He later slaughtered a small herd of at least ten deer.[12]
  • Goblin tribes are aware of the threat posed by the deer and usually don't risk to hunt them, but occasionally do[13]. However, Garen Redfang was high level enough to just stride into a herd and kill some.[4]
  • Corusdeer are easy prey for Rock Crabs who can hide under the snow and catch them unaware, and who are also well protected with their large rock shells.[14][15] Shield Spiders also easily trap Corusdeer in pits.[16]
  • Large enough numbers of enemies scare away Corusdeer. Also, they usually don't attack buildings or walls.[15]
  • The Horns of Hammerad worked against Corusdeer with [Invisibility], [Fireballs] and Bear Bone Golems.[7]
  • Madain also serves Corusdeer meat in his inn in Reizmelt.[17]

Usage Edit

Corusdeer are hunted for both their meat[4] and their horns.[2]

Corusdeer steak is considered a local speciality in Liscor, served not only in Peslas inn,[18] but also at The Wandering Inn[19]. Recent Liscorian recipes include Corusdeer slices on pizza.[20]

Liscor's adventurer guild pays four silver for each antler, since their horns have valuable alchemical properties.[2] Octavia even stated that "one horn can go for as much as twelve silver pieces or double that if there’s a shortage".

  • Octavia used pulverized Corusdeer horns instead of phosphorus to create the flammable coating of her matches.[21]
  • Erin used pulverized Corusdeer horn for her Corusdeer soup, which heats up the imbiber for hours.[22]. She later improved the recipe into a Corusdeer Scramble.[23]

Finally, Corusdeer are of great use for [Summoners].

  • Odveig was able to summon animals using a whole herd using a whole fur.[24]
  • Revi killed a Corusdeer near Liscor[1] and captured its spirit and a piece of its horn, which enables her to call onto that spirit since.[23][25]

Trivia Edit

  • No other species of magical deer has been mentioned in the story so far... even normal deer or reindeer haven't yet appeared.


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