The Crown of Flowers is one of the three greatest treasures of the Reinhart family.

Appearance Edit

The crown has the appearance of a laurel wreath made of glowing flowers.[1]

Background Edit

This artifact is known as one of the greatest treasures of the Humans of Izril, and is in fact rumored to be the very same artifact used to conquer the northern Drake cities, when the invasion of the continent first took place thousands of years ago.

During the 2nd Antinium War, when the Goblin King’s forces attack First Landing, Magnolia used the Crown of Flowers and after two weeks had passed, the crown's power grew enough for her to summon a hundred thousand powerful plant-based constructs from the ground and assembled around the Reinhart Estate near First Landing and marched south. They attacked the surprised Goblin King’s army and, in tandem with the Human defenders, forced them to retreat.[2]

Chronology Edit

Enchantments Edit

Not much is known about the Crown of Flowers as its powers are a well-guarded secret. What is known is that it can summon from the ground, an army of a hundred thousand powerful plant-based constructs which grow in power the longer they existed, ‘blooming’ into their full power over time.

The army of constructs can grow strong enough to force Eight Goblin Lords and their army's to retreat.[2]

Weaknesses Edit

Once active the Crown of Flowers may take weeks before it can summon the army of constructs, as they need time to grow and 'bloom' into their full power.[2]

Furthermore, its power is weaker in winter, however is still sufficient to end a Goblin King.[1]

Trivia Edit

  • Regis refused to lend it to Magnolia just to dispose of a single Goblin Lord. It would have been different had she wanted to conquer the continent or was about to fight against a Goblin King.[1]
  • Its powers are considered so potent that during the 2nd Antinium War, Magnolia was forced to strike a deal with the Assassin’s Guild to ensure her life and the artifacts would not be targeted for the duration of the war.[2]
  • Should Magnolia ever take the Crown of Flowers out of the Reinhart’s ancestral vault, Az’kerash would expended every effort to take it from her. He might even consider starting a war with Izril once more to take the Crown of Flowers from her.[3]

References Edit

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