The Wandering Inn Wiki

By John Doe

Crypt Lords are Undead who have the ability to command lesser undead, such as zombies, skeletons, and ghouls.

Several Crypt Lords attacked Liscor under the command of Skinner.


Whatever shape they once had before they were reanimated, it had been twisted by rot and decay. Despite having a hunched back, they are almost as tall as Minotaurs. They have huge bloated faces and mouths filled not with teeth but sharp yellow bones that were taken from their victims. Their bodies look like a patchwork, which is the result of them having eaten the dead and afterwards fused with their flesh and bones in order to recover from injuries. In each of their huge eye sockets sits an amalgamation of eyes, sometimes over a dozen, stolen from corpses.[1]

Power and Abilities[]

Their estimated level is around 22, possibly 26 if one factors in their special abilities.[1] They’re mostly dangerous because they can command the dead around them to do things like lie in wait or use pincer attacks.

Poisonous black blood flows through them, carrying diseases and death that they use as a weapon to kill their enemies by spitting on them.[1]