Culyss is a Drake from Liscor.

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He has a strong and muscular tail.

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Culyss is suave and smooth-talking, a lady’s drake.

Background Edit

Culyss was somehow acquainted with Selys Shivertail.

Chronology Edit

When Selys believed Erin needed to get laid, she persuaded Culyss to try dating her. Culyss presented Erin with a small gift – a necklace with a piece of metal hammered into the shape of a pawn chess piece of all things – and charmed her with a few jokes. While she didn't really like him, she found him pleasant company.

During his visit at her first inn, Erin got curious about Drake tails and experimented a bit with Culyss' tail. Culyss excused himself when Erin got bored stroking and massaging his tail; Selys only explained to Erin afterwards that the tail is an erogenous zone for Drakes.

Culyss didn't get a second date with Erin, since Rags ambushed him on his way to visit the inn again later, and her Goblins specifically targetted his crotch when they drove him back to the city.[1]

Culyss was mentioned again as an example why Erin shouldn't pet other species without knowing details about them.[2]. Half a year later, he was mentioned again as still willing to give Erin another chance.[3]

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References Edit

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