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Currency in Innworld consists of coins. In Izril (maybe other continents too), the primary coins are copper, silver, and gold pieces. The exchange rate is 10 copper for 1 silver and 20 silver for 1 gold. Therefore 1 gold piece is worth 200 copper.[1]

Coin denominations and values[]

Copper Silver Gold
Copper 1 10 200
Silver 1 20
Gold 1

It seems like gold pieces are the denominations of higher numbers too and there is no platinum or a next tier of more valuable coins. Gems and pure valuable metal can be used in place of common coins in high-value transactions or when needing to transport a large amount of coin covertly, provided that all individuals dealing in them know their exact value. Usually however, such items must be converted or appraised before use, typically through the Merchants Guild.

Commonly used coins are alloys, and not worth their weight in pure metal. This is a change from older times, evidenced by treasure recovered from ancient dungeons containing gold coins at 24-karat.[2]

Ryoka remarked at one point:
Local currencies differ from city to city or by region. Here the currency is called Thestals, but that just means they have a unique weight and percentage of actual silver or gold used in each coin. Those who deal with money a lot care about the currency, but they’re all roughly silver, gold, and copper coins.[3]

Summing things up, it means that Innworld adheres closely to the famous fantasy trope of the Gold-Silver-Copper Standard which allows quick assessment of value without going deeper into the intricacies of an underlying currency system. Which would probably bore most of the readers. Note that having a stable, universal system working on this trimetal standard means to trust everyone never to cheat this system (as institutions or as individuals), and that the value of all three metals remains perpetually unchanged. So far, no apparent central institution appeared that issues and standardizes the coins, and the banking system of the Merchant's guild was similarly not touched in the story. For real-world systems of a silver-gold bimetal standard, see Bimetallism.

Gold coins in the Wandering Inn site banner by Raoul Solomon

Gold coins in the Wandering Inn site banner by Raoul Solomon

market values of various objects or services[]

Item/Service description price in Gold coins chapter
being screwed over by Lism 3.4 Chapter 1.13
Terandrian gelato delivered to Celum 70 Chapter 1.02 R
Pisces' healing fee for Ryoka 40 Chapter 1.06 R
Rags' shiny sword and shield, bought by Erin 4 Chapter 1.32
Wagonload of Shield Spider corpses harvested by Erin 11 Chapter 1.32
low-class rechargeable magical protection items above 800 Chapter 2.08
Ryoka's delivery run to Az’kerash 800 Chapter 2.12
Valceif's mind protection charm more than 1000 Chapter 2.17
Krshia's stash of magical books before being burned 50'000 Chapter 2.40
Laken's initial [King's Bounty] treasure 141 Chapter 3.01 E
weak/faded rechargeable protection ring against arrows 600 Chapter 3.03