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Cynthia is a Human from Earth that was transported/summoned together with 60 others to Innworld, by the Blighted King, as a [Hero], hoping that they would be able to defeat their eternal enemies, the Demons.



Cynthia is mostly described as an annoying character who is easily offended and freaks out over most issues.



Back before she started to fear Tom, she was the one who made him his clown costume.[2] Once Tom got his class and started playing the annoying melody, Cynthia became abnormally scared of him.[3]

She kept insisting that the army, or someone else from Earth, would rescue them from Innworld, possibly through a portal. She also was the first one to lose her [Hero] class.[3]

She insisted on giving a coin to a young beggar in the Blighted Land's capital. Later, she was afraid of a Demon prisoner kept as a food source; and also feared an encounter with the Blighted King.[4]

She disliked Drakes because of their "freakish, unnatural" nature after she met Cirille, the first Drake she saw.[2]

After the events that happened in Paranfer, Cynthia stopped mostly in her contribution to the group of the Americans, staying away from Lord Operland's mansion for days and rather exploring the nearby town - also in an attempt to stay as far away from Tom as possible.[5]

Powers and Abilities[]



Lost Class:[]

  • [Hero]



  • (To Herself) “Someone’s going to save us. Someone’s going to come any day now…”
  • (To Richard) “She’s freakish. Unnatural.”