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Warning! This page contains spoilers from recently released chapters. Proceed with caution and acid jars.

Czautha’qshe (Czautha for short), is a Djinni and one of the Demon Kingdom's Deathless, known as the Death of Chains.


Like most Djinni, Czautha is able to shapeshift into anything. However, she primarily takes the form of a glowing cloud in the shape of a woman, sometimes in armor.[1][2]


A symbol of hope and rebellion for [Slaves] ,Czautha is dedicated to ending slavery and freeing her kin such that even in her wounded state, she fearlessly attacked Roshal, to give hope to the enslaved Djinni and [Slaves].[3] Her sympathy for the enslaved is equal to that of her contempt for [Slavers] and Roshal.

Her relationship with Silvenia is complicated and best described as "war comrades."[3]


When the armies of the world joined Archmages Zelkyr Amerwing and Peril Chandler in battling the Demon Kingdom in Rhir, the Deathless appeared and turned the tide of the battle. While the Archmages were forced to retreat, the Death of Voices and the Death of Dust were killed while Czautha and the rest were greviously wounded.[4]

While it was expected that the Deathless would be inactive for at least another century, an Earther was somehow able to partially heal Silvenia, who was then able to restore Czautha and the Death of Wings.


Volume 8[]

Czautha and Silvenia teleport to Chandrar and rampage across the continent, smashing caravans and freeing [Slaves], including Pisces Jealnet.[1]They then make their way to the heart of Lailight Scintillation, before being forced to retreat, unwilling to kill the attacking Djinni (at least for Czautha).

During a mid-transit [Grand Teleport] back to the Demon Kingdom, they come across Dame Eclizza, Ryoka Griffin, and Sammial Veltras who are using the same spell. Silvenia kills Eclizza, but is prevented by Czautha from doing the same to Ryoka and Sammial upon seeing the chains on their arms. Both parties' [Grand Teleport] are completed before anything else can happen.[5]

All of the Deathless convene in the Demon King's court to meet a delegation of Antinium led by Czkelcill Mirrex.[2]

Czautha is one of the audience watching Eldavin and the Terras faction assail one of Ailendamus' armies.

Powers and Abilities[]

Czautha is capable of imparting the power of flight only to lesser Djinni. She can't empower other races in this way.



  • (To Azam) “There you are, brother. I heard you cry for me. Come. Let me free you from your chains.”
  • (To Astotha) “Yes. We do not choose our chains. But we choose what we are. So—”
  • (To Pisces) “My kin know me as Czautha, little [Mage]. Czautha’qshe, and many words after that. I have many names. Yet all who call me in this age know me by the one I took. The one I was given. Death of Chains.
  • (To Slaves & Pisces) “Even if we could take you all, even mighty Silvenia can only transfer a few. You, though, Pisces Jealnet. Do you have the will to guard them? You have surely seen what horror these people commit.”
  • (To Pisces) “Go, Pisces Jealnet. Never let yourself be chained again!”