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Czkelcill Mirrex, also known as Mirrex the Bard, and the Voice of the Antinium, is an Antinium Centenium who stayed behind in Rhir.


Czkelcill's body is made of the same unknown material as Kblkch's swords. He possesses glowing eyes and a long neck His fingers are thinner than Humans. He is considered to be beautiful in an alien way by Flora.[1]


The Grand Queen created one hundred Centenium, one of which was Czkelcill. When the Antinium left Rhir for Izril, he stayed behind in Rhir.[1]


6000 years ago, after Marquin and the heroes of the Creler Wars had fought their way through Rhir and eradicated the worst of Crelers there, some of them wanted to go deeper, to combat the root of Crelers (the Sleeping demigod). Czkelcill and other Antinium warned them to no avail.[2]

Czkelcill led a delegation of Antinium to the Demon Kingdom. He asked the Demon King and the Deathless about world events that have transpired and the events of the Summer Solstice, when the Blighted Kingdom teared a rift in space and time. He tells the Demons that if it happened again, the Antinium would fight the Blighted Kingdom to stop it. When the delegation is about to leave, Czkelcill is able to sense the presence of gods in the land of the dead in Rhir, causing him to snap the strings of his instrument in rage. At the same time, the sleeping god stirs, causing the eradication of Hives and Queens, and forcing the delegation to quickly leave. Czkelcill instructs the Demons to tell the Izrilian Antinium that the Antinium in Rhir cannot wait any longer.[3]

Powers and Abilities[]

Mirrex can play complicated, beautiful music on his instrument. He also has the ability to turn off magic within the vicinity, though it is unknown if it is with Skills or his instrument. While his fighting capabilities are yet to be seen, it is implied he could take on three of the Deathless on his own.


  • [Bard]-like Class Lv. ?



Unknown instrument with many strings (former)


  • He was mentioned for the first time as simply Mirrex in Chapter 7.39 A.


  • To Demons:
    • “We ask. Perhaps you omit. Now, we ask again. Do not lie. Tell me what changed during the longest day of the year.”
    • “Our kin on Izril. Tell them we are waiting. We cannot wait long. Not anymore.”