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Daly Sullivan is an Earthworlder from Australia, that was teleported to Baleros. He is the Captain of the Bushrangers.


He has tanned skin and blonde hair.[2]


Daly is quite friendly and social. He is also courageous, being willing to become an adventurer despite his negative experiences in battle. As one of the leaders in the United Nations company and the Captain of the Bushrangers, he is able to stay calm in tense situations and is responsible, able to manage and take care of multiple people. Daly is motivated to protect and defend those he considers his friends, which is apparent by his willingness to build advanced weaponry such as repeating crossbows and gunpowder, though is fully aware of the implications of bringing advanced technology from another world.


Daly was transported with a group of Earthers from an airport in Melbourne, Australia.


After being transported Daly's group encountered a group of Americans. At some point, they voted to join Gravetender's Fist and became involved in a battle between the Razorshard Armor Company and the Roving Arrow Company. He was able to earn the [Rogue] class for sneaking around the battlefield.[2] When some of the Americans want to desert the company after Luan was shot, Daly and the Australians refused to leave. They were horrified when Dullahans executed the deserters. When Luan, Ken, and Aiko offered the other Earthers the chance to join Geneva, Daly and the other Earthers refused, determined to stay as soldiers and level.[3] However, after the Razorshard Armor Company and the Roving Arrow Company break the rules of engagement, the surviving Earthers join Geneva and form the United Nations company.[4] At some point, he grows close to Quexa, a Lizardgirl member of Gravetender's Fist.

After Gravetender's Fist and the United Nations company part ways, Daly becomes a part-time [Carpenter] to earn some money. He is able to build a wooden crossbow design based on a photo taken by Paige. Having developed a reliable weapon, he and six other Earthers form an adventuring team called the Bushrangers.

Having posted a bounty on strange Humans, Daly, Siri, and Dawson are able to find Blake and three Italian girls.

Powers and Abilities[]


  • [Axe Fighter] Lv. ?[5]
  • [Axe Warrior] Lv. ?[6]
  • [Carpenter] Lv.?[6]
  • [Rogue] Lv. ?[6]


  • [Faint Presence]
  • [Power Strike]


  • Axe
  • Wooden Crossbow[6]
  • Miniature Crossbow[7]


  • He is from Australia.[2]
  • His surname was revealed in Ch 6.04 D.
  • He’d gotten the [Rogue] class from sneaking around the battlefield.[2]


  • (To Luan & Ken) “Pleased to meet ya. Thought I’d seen you around, but couldn’t remember your names off the top of my head.”
  • (To Luan & Ken) “We’re sticking together on this. Each one of us. We’re a team, and a lot of the others are decent sorts. The Centaurs are right bastards, the Dullahans are stuck up, and the Lizardfolk love killing cute things, but they’re all like us. We’re a company and we’re not going to abandon each other.”
  • (To Etretta) “It’s crazy. But I guess they thought it was worth dying for.”
  • (To Paige) “We might not make a fortune with this, but we can defend ourselves. And fight. Earth-style.”
  • (To Eldima) “First, pardon me. I’m Daly Sullivan, Captain of the Bushrangers. May I ask who I’m speaking to?”
  • (To Bault & Pihava) “No fighting or monsters, mates. The village is supposed to be abandoned. We’re only going to check on the Humans living there. Swear it on the adventurer’s code of honor.”
  • (To Bault & Pihava) “Well then, I swear by my good looks.”
  • (To Blake) “Sure. We’ll mount it on our elephant. Too hard to carry, mate. But Paige is working on a monster one. We’ll put it on Dawson’s back.”
  • (To Geneva) “Sometimes a [Doctor]’s work is just in the head. Just making people feel safe. Right?”
  • (To Eldima) “That’s the United Nations company for you, I guess. We’re poor, but rich in friends. Which is, I dunno, better? Something like that.”
  • (To Geneva) “That’s two jokes in two days. Careful, or we might think you’re Human after all, doc.”
  • (To Paige) “Again? Damnit. We’ll go track it down. You think we can just beat him up ourselves and claim the bounty?”
  • (To Dawson) “What the fuck are you so mad about anyways, eh, Dawson? You’re mad because you didn’t get to haze Luan and the new recruits? Take that—shove it up your arse and jump in the harbor.”
  • (To Dawson) “Say that when he’s about and he’ll smack you. Say it closer to me and I’ll do it. So what? He was in better shape than we are now. Still is.”
  • (To teammates) “Okay. Everyone, pipe down and let’s draw lots who’s getting into Geneva next. Last person picked, we’ll give them a mercy by letting them set themselves on fire.”
  • (To Luan) “You bloody bastard! I knew you weren’t dead! You kept us hanging for months!