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Davi was an Earther from Portugal, Europe, that was teleported to Innworld. He initially arrived with 18 other Earthers in Chandrar, in the middle of nowhere, but upon finding the city of A’ctelios Salash, he and 14 others went inside the city, and got tricked into eating enough A'ctelios meat to change into Pakeils.



TBA From Chapter 7.21 KQ


TBA From Chapter 7.21 KQ


TBA From Chapter 7.09 K

Trey Raging against Actelios by Jason Yao

TBA From Chapter 7.21 KQ

Powers and Abilities[]


  • [Cameraman] Lv. 3
    • A Unique/Created Class
    • Presumable Lost it when he changed into a Pakeil.


Original Skills:[]

  • [Extended Battery]
    • Presumable Lost it when changed into a Pakeil.


  • Backpack
  • Camera


  • As he was the first person to ever take prolong videos with a camera and rationed the battery power, he ended up Creating the new [Cameraman] Class and the new [Extended Battery] Skill in Innworld.[1]



  • (To the camera) “Where are we?”
  • (To the camera) “We are somehow here, now. We don’t know how we got here. We were in an airport—this is going to be a record of what’s happened. Just—just in case.”
  • (To the camera) “I am—I’m a Level 3 [Cameraman], yeah? It was green. No one else said it was green. But I—”
  • (To the camera) “I have—I have a Skill. Green. [Extended Battery]. I think it will save me some battery. I think. But this is another…world, yeah? A game. That’s what one of us said. We are getting close to a city, now. For food. Shelter. We’re going to…stop there…
  • (To the camera) “We’re headed towards it. It is a nice place. Apparently? I will show you more. The battery is running low. I can’t recharge—so this is Davi, signing off.”
  • (To the camera) “The meat—it was—a trap.”
  • (To the camera) “What did we do wrong?”