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The topic of this article are the Demon Deathless. For Wrymvr the Deathless, see that other article.

The Deathless, also known as the Deaths of Rhir, are subjects of the Demon King of Rhir.

Not much is known about them, but they are superior to the Fearless (the Demon King's Elite Warriors), and they are a threat on a higher level than Zel Shivertail or the Chosen of Az’kerash.[1]


One of the Deathless once created the Vorepillar plague to threaten the Blighted Kingdom.[2]

Given that ranking, the saying that "when they take the field, armies die"[2] comes to no surprise, and was proven correct when Silvenia, still wounded from her last battle a century ago, overran the 5th Wall of the Blighted Kingdom practically on her own.[3]

Known Deathless[]

  • Death of Magic - Silvenia, Half-Elf from Terandria
  • Death of Wings - Possibly a Harpy from Izril
  • Death of Chains - Czautha’qshe, Djinni from Chandrar
  • Death of Voices (Deceased)[4]
  • Death of Dust (Deceased)[4]
  • Wrymvr's connection to the Deathless is as of yet unclear, although it can be doubted that he got that name independently from Rhir's other Deathless.