Deimos is a nation of Northeastern Chandrar.

Overview Edit

Chandrar Detail Map

Detail Map of northeastern Chandrar, Deimos is placed in the southwestern corner (Artistic rendition)

Deimos is not one of the most powerful nations in its corner of the world, but it eagerly competes.

It practices slavery as a matter of course, allowing officers to take their [Slaves] with them to war.

Military Edit

Some of its military forces include camel-riders and lightly-armored infantry.[1]

Deimos was able to contribute a great deal to the conquest of Tiqr, when Deimos overran its neighboring country together with its stronger allies Nerrhavia, Illivere and Savere. Other contributers to the war included Xern, Lamult, Relaaquil and two more countries.

Location Edit

Deimos is not a neighbor of Savere, but it would be in danger of becoming such if the new borders of former Tiqr were to be drawn unfavorably.

Deimos lies on the river of Reic, which also flows through Oliphant. A deal between [General] Heic and Magus-Crafter Femithain was struck to allow Deimos to occupy more lands upstream of the river.[2]

People Edit

  • [General] Heic (competent [General], maybe [Loud Voice] skill.)

Trivia Edit

  • deimos is well-known to be the Greek word for dread. The naming might still be coincidence, though.

References Edit

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