Dekass is an Antinium, and one of the Armored Prognugators of the Armored Antinium.

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Dekass has a form reminiscent of a Soldier with four arms and the same general build. But unlike a them his body looks even more reinforced, and he has fingers on his four hands.[1]

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Volume 6 Edit

After the access tunnel was done, he and Tersk were send by the Armored Queen to Liscor, to establish relations before the Grand Queen’s envoys to the Free Antinium. There they talked about cats, the city and what it has to over, and the possibility that the Armored Queen desired a more substantially alliance with the Free Antinium. While doubting Tersk of the Free Antinium value, he did conceded that the inn they passed by was somewhat interesting, with impressive architecture and very porous.[1]

Volume 7 Edit

Two weeks after their arrival, he and Tersk accompanied Pawn, Yellow Splatters and a bevy of Antinium Workers and a few Painted Soldiers, for the reopening of The Wandering Inn. There he introduced himself and Tersk as ordinary Antinium Workers to Lyonette. Tersk seeing Lyonette’s confusion form the statement, jabbed Dekass to correct himself, which prompted him to say that they were ordinary Antinium Soldiers. Afterwords they marched back, believing that they infiltration successfully, not knowing that in trued they failed.[2]

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  • (To Tersk) “I will concede one point. The inn we passed was somewhat enticing. At least that was impressive architecture. Very porous.”
  • (To Tersk) “What is…soup?”
  • (To Lyonette) “Hello. We are ordinary Antinium Workers, here for sustenance.”
  • (To Lyonette) “We are ordinary Antinium Soldiers. Excuse me.”
  • (To Drassi) “What is the point of drinking a liquid other than water? Is there an enhanced nutritional benefit? Does it taste good? That is important information.”
  • (To Drassi) “Drunk? What is this phenomenon of which you speak, [Bartender] Drake? I am currently undecided on your gender, by the way.”
  • (To Pivr) “Be quiet. Food is very important. You do not fully understand. Yet. We must show you.”

References Edit

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