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Delanay d’Artien from House Artien is a Human that likes dressing himself in the typical Vampire Hunter style. Despite his nobility, he works as an Emergency Runner, a special type of City Runner that run when there’s trouble.


He is a young man, with hair that had a silver strands crossing his duller, brown hair. While his height is shorter than Ryoka (6'1),[1] he looks tough.

He dresses himself in the [Vampire Hunter] style, which consist of, from top to bottom, a long, rakish hat that would have fit any debonair [Duelist] in an action movie, bright red like blood, adorned with a sigil of a crossbow and an oversized arrow in silver, buckled around the brim, rather like a pilgrim’s hat, but meant for style, not utility.

Below his hat lay a silvery scarf, the most vibrant thing on him, wrapped around his neck. It glistened in a way that even silk would not; the fabric looked metallic.

He had on a modernistic, long-flowing trench coat that reached down his body. Red again, over a white button-up shirt that was only changed by the same sigil—again, drawn in silver, not gold. The jacket was outfitted with a number of compartments, both visible and concealed, and was thus practical and stylish. And stiff; it was dyed leather, not anything else. It looked old, but it was meticulously well-kept.

His pants were of course, loose, for he was a Runner, but even here, he wore red, darker, but noticeably thick as well for all they moved freely. Some composite fabric that gave him closed shoes, the four rings he wore, an amulet like a dagger around his neck, spectacles on his nose, and gloves.[2]



He works as an Emergency Runner, a special type of Runner that do not do normal deliveries, as they only run when there’s trouble and they need someone who can fight and deliver potions or antidotes.[2]


Powers and Abilities[]




  • Crossbow
  • Rapier




  • To Ryoka:
    • “I’m delighted to meet you. You must be an upstanding citizen if that’s all I hear. Delanay d’Artien.”
    • “It’s old hat. We’re both anti-monster noble families, but the monsters we hunt are long-dead. So we’re poor, but honorable. Myself? I just like how we dress.
    • “Aside from wanting an ally? I consider helping Persua’s enemies a reward unto itself. And lastly—I hope you’ll do me a favor as well. That’s how we work, right?”
  • (To Kelda) “No one looses insults in my presence. Well, Miss [Captain]? Or is that mace for show? Let’s not pretend there is a fairer sex if you’re worried of having your features marred. Either you are a [Warrior] and can back up your words or not.”
  • To Ryoka:
    • “Ryoka Griffin. The Wind Runner who woke the Archmage of Izril. Good to see you’re still not giving two coppers about what other people think.”
    • “Why are you so surprised? Everyone wants to see what this inn is about. The smart ones, at any rate. Erin Solstice? Solstice booth? I hear that’s the [Innkeeper]’s name. You know her?”
  • (To Numbtongue) “You like crossbows? Izrilians tend to think they’re not as good as bows, but there’s less training needed.”
  • (To Ryoka) “What makes me think saying ‘yes’, isn’t the wisest move?”
  • To Ryoka:
    • “House d’Artien received an invitation. I thought it was only fitting…and I thought we’d meet. I forgot you knew Dusty Charlay.”
    • “And you know the Witch Runner. A number of the interesting City Runners, in short.”
    • “No. I have yet to meet her. We were all at the inn when…I’m sorry. I was inside, and I didn’t think to go outside. Miss Solstice had left the city on foot…”