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The Demon Kingdom is a nation inhabited by demons and ruled by the Demon King.


It is, like the Blighted Kingdom, located in Rhir, and has for thousands of years been at war with the other kingdoms of the continent, of which only one still remains.


Military Strength[]

The main combatants of the Demon Kingdom are the Deathless most of which are currently inactive due to massive injuries. What is known is the fact that they are all extremely high-level with at least one being possibly 80+.[1]

The Demon Kingdom also uses other powerful demons known as Fearless. As the name implies, they are incapable of feeling fear.[2]

Other forces among the Demon Kingdom include the last known full Giants on Innworld[3], and an Earther that uses firearms.


  • It is unknown how much of the Demon Kingdom's atrocities are propaganda. The Blighted King did blame a world-wide bout of miscarriages which led to Earthers being brought to Innworld on the Demon Kingdom even though it was in fact the Blighted King himself that held the ritual.[4][5]