Demons are one of the Races of Innworld. The term Demon is broadly applied to any non-Human mutants living on Rhir.[1]

Biology and Abilities Edit

Appearance Edit

Demons are beings affected by Rhir’s persistent corruption and manifest a variety of features from horns to extra eyes.[1] They are apparently from different races of origin who then mutated apparently due to exposure to whatever affects the Blighted Lands.[2] In that respect they seem similar to Drowned People who also each mutate differently and get traits from sea creatures.

Their appearances can be very different from each other, depending on how mutated the Demon is and what race he originated from. Curved horns like those of a ram seem to be a regular feature.

A Demon whom Eddy saw and then described to his friends, looked similar to a Qunari, thus appearing less like a monster, and more like a person. Stories from the Rhir natives described Demons with wings or talons or beaks.[2] Others might pass for Humans, if not for a third eye, an extra limb, or bright yellow eyes, or four toes and fingers on otherwise normal human hands[3]. Other cases have a horn sticking out of their forehead, compound eyes, some kind of chitin on their upper body that looks like armor, fish-like scales, a sliming arm,[4] tentacles hair[5], bright green eyes with yellow pupils, a face like leather, cloven feet[6] and so on.

Physical Qualities Edit

Magical Qualities Edit

Special Abilities Edit

Demons can become Fearless by obtaining the Fearless class addition to their normal class.[3]

Behavior and Culture Edit

They are capable of leveling and have a great deal of military intelligence. Little is known about their culture or hierarchy.[1]

History Edit

Demons come from a place called Hell, which is located on Rhir.[7]

Relations Edit

The Demons have their own kingdom and are locked in a state of permanent war against the Blighted Kingdom, which they try to eredicate. Thus, the Demon Kingdom is one of three major powers on Rhir, the third one being the origin of monsters.[2]

Trolls Edit

At least in one instance, a Troll worked together with a Demon raiding group. After being scared, he stopped taking the orders of the Demon leader.[4]

Others Edit

Despite their kingdom being commanded by the Demon King, and they are not formally recognized as a people by most nations in the world.[1]

Pirates and some of Drowned People, Dullahans and Drathians maintain good trade relations with Demons however, claiming they are not inherently worse people than for example those of Roshal or the Blighted Kingdom.[8]

Trivia Edit

  • Some people in the Blighted Kingdom eat Demon Meat.[3]

References Edit

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