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Diana is an Earther from Italy that is currently living in the United Nations Headquarters.[1]




Diana is from Italy and was transported with a group of other earthers to Baleros. She does not speak English. Diana is a diagnosed diabetic.[1]


Volume 6[]

Diana was on a tour when she was transported from Italy to Innworld alongside fellow Italians Lorenzo and Nicola. Their bus passed through a tunnel and they were suddenly transported to Baleros. Their group initially numbered eight plus two other earthers that spoke Spanish and that they believe were Venezuelan.

Something attacked their group the first night and the four survivors (Diana, Blake, Lorenzo, and Nicola) fled into the jungle. They fled to an abandoned village where they remained for an estimated three weeks before being found by the Bushrangers and brought to the United Nations Headquarters.

Upon arriving at the United Nations Headquarters, Blake explains that Diana is diabetic and out of insulin. She is promptly supplied with a stamina potion and given directions Geneva had pre-written for this scenario. Use of the stamina potion is effective.[1]

The three Italians are thrilled to meet someone who speaks their language when Geneva returns to the United Nations.[2]

Powers and Abilities[]


  • [Scavenger]/[Survivalist]/[Skulker] - These are the classes earned by the three Italians (Lorenzo, Nicola, Diana). It is unclear who has what class or whether they have combinations of these classes.[1]



  • Stamina Potion



  • (In Italian, To Geneva) “Not very bad. But it was terrible. I was very sick—until they gave me a—a potion?