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Dionamella, or Dioname, is a half-Elf Great General of Ailendamus, known as the Great General of Ages. She studied magic under the Wyrm, Rhisveri, and the other immortals of Ailendamus.


Dioname has silver hair, slight wrinkles on her face, and signs of fraying on her skin.[1]


Dioname is a extremely resolute person, who is loyal to Ailendamus's cause. She is unflinching in the face of death, which is no mean feat, given that she literally sacrifices her lifespan for her time magic, a cost that she willingly pays in order to protect the soldiers under her command. Despite being given the opportunity to retire by Rhisveri, Dioname chose to keep fighting, wanting to see how far she could climb.[2]

Dioname respects Rhisveri as her superior, though is unfazed by his attitude and temper, and sometimes deliberately ignores his requests during combat.


TBA From Chapter 8.74 DR



Powers and Abilities[]


  • [Timekeeper General, Wyrmsworn Champion] Lv. 50+


  • [Eyes of the Wyrm]
  • [Fate, I Take the Other Path]
  • [Out of Time, Kept]
  • [Snipe Charge]
  • [They Waited, For My Hour of Need]
  • [Time Slows For All But Me]
  • [We Unleashed Our Truest Potential]


  • [15 Second Message]
  • [Disintegration Ray]
  • [Featherfall]
  • [Holy Flame of the Agelum]
  • [Lance of the Bone Giant]
  • [Law of the Lucifen: Punish Arrows]
  • [Spell-Aegis of the Wyrm Queen]
  • [Summon Armament: Lawkeeper of the Agelum]
  • [Summoning: Avatar of the Wyrm-Queen]
  • [Teleport]
  • [Thorns of the World Tree: Bneiisrye]
  • [Vortex Into Nowhere]


  • Dioname makes an effort to keep up with modern parlances, to the point of changing her name from Dionamella, which she considered to be archiac.[2]


  • (To Ryoka) “Ah. We march under a different time. Lightly. I’m sorry—try again.”
  • (To Tyrion & Eldavin) “You have been my end. But I—I am the Great General of Ailendamus. And I will only rest when I have said my piece.”
  • (To Eldavin) “At least—then—you imposter to my kind. At least feel the weight of your years!
  • (To Rhisveri) “My lord. My friend. This lance comes for you. This terrible lance, my friend, which has slain me. To you, my mentor who gave me might and chance.”