Djinni are one of the Races of InnWorld.

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Magical Qualities Edit

As with all people, their magical qualities varies, with some being as powerful as [Archmages].

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As they are almost pure magic, only spells can slay them.

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Jinn Edit

Jinn are/were their half-mortal kin.

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Legend has it that you could get them to grant you wishes. However, the customer satisfaction wasn't so good, as they didn't get them fulfilled quite the way they thought.

However, it is still possible to encounter djinni in Chandrar, who appear to be "sometimes humanoid, sometimes outlandish shapes that are half-corporeal, embodying the element of air or fire or some other aspect." They are apparently bound to magical artifacts, but Flos considers them too untrustworthy to integrate them into his military.[1]

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Trivia Edit

  • Like with the Harpies, contemporary scholars in Izril and Baleros believe them to be extinct.
  • Yerranola, student of Niers Astoragon, did some research on them.[2]
  • Ryoka Griffin did some reading on the them and learning that the Djinni were highly magical and part spirit.[3]
  • Flos believes that due their
  • single djinn could conquer it.

References Edit

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