Dragons, also known by the Drakes as Ancestors or The First Parents, are one of the oldest Races of Innworld.

Physiology Edit

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Physical Qualities Edit

Lifespan Edit

Dragons are believed to be quasi-immortal, so they will never die to disease or old age.

Magical Qualities Edit

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Weaknesses Edit

The System doesn't seem to acknowledge them, thus being unable to obtain Classes/Levels and Skills.

Behavior and Culture Edit

Personality Edit

Dragons are very touchy and dislike losing immensely.[1]

They are very formal and conscientious about traditions, which make them rather predictable.[2]

History Edit

Once, Dragons ruled over their descendants, the Drakes, as they were slaves and fought bitter wars with every nation on the globe.[3]

Known Dragons Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Rhetorical questions were first invented by the Dragons, or so Teriarch claims.[4]
  • The Dragon race has almost become extinct. Every few thousand years another member is being slain.[5]
  • It has been ages since a Dragon was last seen anywhere in the world. Usually, there are only rumors—such as stolen cattle or strange burn marks.[6] Terandria, for instance, is one of the places where these rumors come from.[7]
  • Dragons are not capable of leveling.[8]
  • There are at least 3 dragons in Izril,[9] 2 of whom Niers is aware of.[10]
  • Dragonflesh does not rot.[11]

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