Drakes are humanoid dragons and one of the races of Innworld. They are descendants of Dragons, though very distantly, as they have very little in common.

Biology and Abilities


Drakes have scales in varied colors from Green, Red, Pink, Blue, Yellow and Dark.

Physical Abilities



Magical Abilities

Special Abilities



Drakes like dry climate, enjoy the sun, and open spaces.[1]


Drakes have many customs regarding their tails. They consider their tails to be private body parts, and it is considered erotic to touch a drake's tail.[2] Another Drake tradition revolving around tails, is in regards to their marriage customs: proposal among drakes is done by placing a ring around the tail of the drake they wish to marry.[3]


Most Drakes wear ancient-Greek style togas or robes. Some of them wear sarongs, though likely only female ones.[4]



Many drakes share a very strong hatred to Lizardfolk.



Humans had landed on their shores millennia ago, and the Drakes never forgave the land they had ceded to them. Drakes always considered them a threat and a foe. It was more of a bad rivalry now, as neither side did more than send armies to the Blood Fields each year to kill each other. But give them half a chance and the Drakes would happily invade the north, while the Humans would do the same.[5]

There were quite a few Drakes who’d decided to live in Human lands, for all they were actively discouraged from doing so by the Drake cities. But while they hadn’t invaded each other in decades, the Humans and Drakes were still nominally at war. If a Drake [General] led his soldiers past Liscor, or a Human [Lord] moved past the Blood Fields, it might start a war again.[6]



Relations with other races


Oldblood Drakes



  • Like Dragons, they really love shiny objects.[7]
  • Drakes usually don't consider Humans attractive, describing them as too fleshy.
  • For gender-intended symbols, Drakes use a straight tail for men and a curly tail for women.[8]
  • Kebabs are the favorite food of Drakes.[9]
  • If there was a ranking for bad-tempered species, Drakes would probably be at the top of that list, competing for first place with Centaurs and Minotaurs.[10]
  • There is a saying about Drakes: One Drake’s trouble, two is a fight, three will burn your house down, and four means war.[11]
  • The Triumph of Scales is a classic Drake military book.[12]


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