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Leveling History

Leveling History[]

Chapters Classes/Levels Skills Additional Information
Ch 4.14 L Revealed
[Barmaid] Lv. 4
[Receptionist] Lv. ?
Ch 5.24 L Revealed
[Gossip] Lv. ?
N/A Revealed to have the [Gossip] Class.
Ch 5.41 Revealed
[Gossip] Lv. 17
[Time to Chat]
[Trusted Voice]
[Social Network]
Ch 5.59 N/A Revealed
[Server’s Prescience]
Revealed that she got [Server’s Prescience] the other day.
Ch 6.61 L Revealed
[Bartender] Lv. ?
N/A Revealed to have Obtained the [Bartender] Class.
Story #2 – Tersk and Dekass Revealed
[Receptionist] Lv. 8
[Soldier] Lv. ?
N/A Revealed to have Liscor’s mandatory [Soldier] Class, that [Receptionist] is Level 8, and that [Bartender] evolved from [Barmaid].
Ch 7.32 D Conditions Met:
[Gossip] → [Honest Reporter]
[Honest Reporter] Lv ? (17+)
x? Unknown Skills After she confronted Sir Relz & Noass on their coverage of the Yellow Rivers plague, on the worldwide broadcasting, she met the Conditions to Evolve [Gossip] into [Honest Reporter].
She also Obtained some unknown Skills