Dreshhi is a Gnoll [Butcher].

Appearance Edit

He is tall.

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Background Edit

He is a member of the Silverfang Tribe in Liscor, and apparently considered one of the tribe's more influential figures.

Chronology Edit

After Lyonette (then known in Liscor as a human thief) burnt down Krshia's stall that stored the most valuable magical scrolls of the Silverfang Tribe, Dreshhi voiced his desire to kill the girl, chop her into little bits and eat her.[1] He was tempered by Krshia and accepted the verdict of the Drake council to exile Lyonette.

Powers and Abilities Edit

Classes/Levels: Edit

  • [Butcher] Lv. ?

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Quotes Edit

  • (To Krshia) “Hr. And this is what passes for justice here? She has taken much, yes? Much from all of us, but you especially. And the city merely exiles her and does not repay you. If you had been a Drake — [...] Goodwill will not sway hearts or minds among the others, Krshia.”

References Edit

  1. Chapter 2.23
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