Dropclaw bats are a type of monstrous bats living in caves. Compared to normal bats, they are rather dangerous.

Appearance Edit

They have very sharp and large claws that allow them a single, deadly strike.[1]

They can be twice as large as a human’s head and have tough leathery skin.[2] (It is unclear if that measurement is of their body without wings, or the entire wingspan.)

Behavior Edit

Besides hunting insects, Dropclaw bats also hunt after meat. With their sharp claws, they drop on the heads of anything that enters their nests, which led to them being named for that inclination. They tend to ignore skeletal undead and other constructs,[2] but are a danger to the casual explorer.[3]

While they are blind or at least can't see well[4], they can be panicked by fire, including magical fire.[2]

Usage Edit

Dropclaw Bats are edible, at least for Goblins.[2]

So far, they have not been noted as alchemist ingredient.

Liscor's Dropclaw bat cave Edit

Rags cleared out the cave dungeon entrance that leads to the Shield Spider pit, and where numerous Dropclaw bats lived. Goblins still refer to the place by its former inhabitants, even when they are long gone.[3][5]

Other places of the Dungeon still serve as habitat for Dropclaw bats.[6]

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