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Drowned People, also known as Drowned Folk and Children of the Ocean, are one of the Races of Innworld. They are not technically a species as they are in fact other species altered by contact with aquatic creature, accidentally or intentionally.


General Appearance[]

Drowned People in general have half of their bodies of some sort of sea creature’s.[1]

Physical Qualities[]

Fish Physiology[]

Depending on what aquatic creature one has fused with or were it has fused on the body, they can obtain said aquatic creature natural abilities.

For example someone fused with a Blackwater Jellyfish can obtain its paralyze poison, as well as the ability to heal from wounds that would cripple normal flesh, while someone having their arm fused with a Swordfish can obtain an unparalleled cutting weapon.[2]


Drowned People can come to be in two ways: from a species having gone trough the Sea’s Bargain,[1] which bonds their bodies with a sea parasite, or from being born from Drowned parents (or at least a Drowned mother).[2]


Other then needing to drink more water then usual, their diet seems to remain the same off their previews species.

Magical Qualities[]

Like some of the other Races, depending on the individuals naturally talented towards magic, Drowned People are shown to be able to cast magic.[3]

Special Abilities[]

Aquatic Breathing[]

Thanks to their aquatic fusion they can breathe water as freely as air.[2]



Drowned People need to keep themselves constantly Hydrated on land or they will suffer from Dehydration. Due to this when they drink alcohol they have to drink doubly the amount of water as well.[4]


Part-Drowned People[]

The offsprings of a Drowned Person and a Non-Drowned Person.[1]


Drowned People are a race created when parasites from the ocean fused with other species. These parasites latch onto a body and meld with it. If left unchecked, they can take over their host mind, but even if you kill it, it will still change the host's body forever. While half of their body changes, it doesn’t affect the hosts in any way save for their appearance.[5][6]


Many are peaceful people, the products of an accident. But others turn into Pirates or join the Undersea Crews.

Drowned [Sailors] and regular [Sailors] usually don't get along. This relationship is especially bad among [Pirates].[7]


Notable Members[]