Dwarves, or rater their closes descendants, Half-Dwarves, are one of the races of Innworld. They mainly live in Terandria.

Physiology Edit

Appearance Edit

Dwarves are Human like people, with short status. Originally they used to be around four feet high, but now they are taller than they used to be due to having nowadays a bit of human blood running through their veins. As a result, instead of being around four feet high, they are likely to reach a height of five feet.[1]

Physical Qualities Edit

Lifespan Edit

Dwarves, even does with diluted blood running in their veins, have a respectively longer lifespan then the other Races,[2] which can be measured in Centuries.[3]

Reproduction Edit

Dwarves are capably to cross-mating with other races, like Humans. However doing so over the centuries had the side effect of diluting their blood, resulting in them losing some of their heritage, like now being taller then they used to be. Those born like this are known as Half-Dwarves.[1] Also does whose blood is dilute to much will be born as Part-Dwarves

Magical Qualities Edit

Weaknesses Edit

Seasickness Edit

Dwarves are shown to be prone of getting seasick in to much water and boats[1]

Slow Smithing Level Up Edit

Due to their long lifespan, they level up in their Smithing Classes slower than those who have shorter ones, like Humans. In exchange over the decades, or even in centuries, they build up true skill in their crafts that surpass everyone else.[3]

Subraces Edit

Part-Dwarves Edit

Children of the now Half-Dwarves, whose blood is dilute so much that they are more Human like than Dwarves.

Behavior and Culture Edit

Dwarves are literal creatures and if they ask a question they demand an answer.[4]

Dwarves are "rare enough on Terandria, never mind the other parts of the world."[5] One of the reasons being that they don’t like to travel, as too much water and boats get them seasick.[1]

History Edit

Relations Edit

Half-Elves Edit

Dwarves don’t like half-Elves. The majority of them would not even travel with them.[1]

Part-Dwarves Edit

Not much is known about each other relationship, but Dwarves seem to be on good terms with them, as they would raise them.[6]

Relations with other races Edit

Trivia Edit

  • They "are hidden in the heart of mountains that make the Himalayas look like foothills."[7]
  • The city inside the mountain that Tremborag's Mountain City Tribe used to live in,[8] was once belonging to the Dwarves.[9]
  • In Baleros the Dwarves had built towers that shine with the colors of a thousand glittering ores smelted into metal.[10]


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