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Eater Goats by JohnDoe
Eater Goats are hungry flesh-eating goats capable of eating almost anything and also willing to eat almost anything.

Appearance Edit

They look like normal goats, except for an unnaturally big mouth, with pointed[1] sharp omnivore’s teeth and off-putting brown eyes, with a horizontal bar as pupils.[2]

Overview Edit

Eater Goats are village killing monsters,[3] that are mostly found in the High Passes.

Eater Goats are considered a Gold-rank threat because these packs of goats hunt in relentless packs. Perhaps not deadly to most adventurers individually, Eater Goats instill fear in other monsters as they swarm over anything they consider food, which sometimes includes each other.[4]

Power and Abilities Edit

Difficult to kill because of their incredible tenacity, Eater Goats will bite even if only their decapitated head remains. Their jaws can tear through steel and they are smart enough to even bypass tall walls with their incredible agility.[4]

Trivia Edit

  • While they appeared for the first time in Ch 1.08 R, their name was revealed in Ch 4.32 G.

References Edit

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