Edellein Blackwing is the [General] of the 4th Army of Pallass. He comes from the Drake noble family of the Blackwings.

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Edellein has been shown to be secure over other races in his Drake superiority, but he has not made any claims that could be viewed as racist.

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Edellein is an old Drake, and not an Oldblood Drake despite being born of the Blackwing family. He has risen to his position through decades of service and hard work.

Yet, Edellein is considered less capable than his younger[1] half-brother, Thrissiam Blackwing, who had been the [General] of the 2nd Palassian army. The saying that Edellein is no Thrissiam is of concern to the less successful [General] himself.[2]

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When the Frost Wyverns were attacking Pallass, Edellein tried to lure them into an ambush, presenting them with a large, seemingly unsupervised herd of cattle ready to take. Instead of gorging on the cattle and being slaughtered by the 4th army and giving Edellein the chance to grab juvenile Wyverns to tame; the Frost Wyvern Lord launched an attack of Pallass, which was only defended by the 1st army under Duln. This ambush had been ordered by the Day Strategist - while Edellein had thought it was a good plan, he had also resented the fact that it hadn't been his own.[1] Nevertheless, his absence in Pallass' defense was still considered his fault.[3]

Edellein was also present when [Grand Strategist] Chaldion was injured when falling off a staircase.[2]

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  • (To his command staff:) “Big Wyverns. I’ve hunted them before, but this is a nest and a half. We’ll keep them from getting airborne. [Mages] in first. Put the rest to sleep, then web them up with enough spells and move in. [...] Pallass could use some [Wyvern Riders]. [...] Prepare me a battalion with nets, hooks, and ropes. [...] We might as well get more than meat and hides and talons out of them. And we’ll have enough hide to outfit an entire regiment! Which 4th Company will naturally acquire. We’re the ones doing all the hard work.”

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