The edge of the world is a place where the sea ends in Innworld.


Once in the past, there have been mighty [Captains] and fearless [Sailors] and [Travellers] who have attempted to find the edge of the known world. But out of every thousand ships that have dared to travel to the edge of the world, past Baleros and past Rhir, only one or two has ever come back; those that do scream of a blackness which the water pours into, a place where light does not exist. The end of the world.

The archipelago the islanders live on is the closest to the end of the world. They know not to sail too far in one direction, less they vanish forever.

There are stories that sometimes something comes up from that place. Things that kill all they encounter and die slowly, if at all.[1]


  • Because of the edge of the world, the inhabitants of Innworld believe that their world is flat.


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