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Ser Eldein was a [Spring Knight] of the Order of Seasons.


He had dark hair, nearly black.


He was young and very idealistic.


He trained to become a [Knight] ever since he was six years old and gained his first level as he was 8 already. After fourteen years of training he became a [Spring Knight] as he turned 20.

He had strong feelings about the warmongering of Ailendamus. He seemed unconcerned about other races, even about joining his order as fellow [Knights].


He arrived in Riverfarm through the grand ritual together with 28 other [Knights], led by Ser Raim. Nine Seasonal [Knights] perished, but the rest of them left Riverfarm directly after Belavierr won the fight, since back in Terandria, [Knight Commander] Calirn didn't wish to declare Belavierr an enemy of the Order.

The group of [Knights] then traveled Izril and met the Goblin Slayer. As they attempted to kill a group of Ogres, Eldein was hit by the Chieftain's club and an Evercut Arrow lodged itself into him, cutting him apart from inside even when he received Healing Potions. Once his fate was clear to him, he let his comrades heal him up enough to distract another Ogre so that the brute could be slain.

He was buried where he had fallen, and his grave became covered in spring flowers.[1]

Powers and Abilities[]


  • [Spring Knight], Lv. ?[1]


It is unknown if he possessed an Aura Skill like the more experienced Seasonal [Knights].


He fought with a mace.



  • (About Ser Raim) “Ser Reim of Summer was a finer [Knight] than many could dream of becoming. Ere we return, let us tell his story to those worthy of hearing it. Let his valor not fade into distant memory and be forgotten!”
  • (To Belic) “Hail, my good man and thy harvests be blessed! Hast thou time spare to converse with knights-errant upon our ceaseless quests?”
  • (To Talia) “I am cut, Talia. Mortally. Spring ends.”