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Eloise du Havin, or now just Eloise, is an elderly Witch.


Eloise is a short, smiling, elderly woman with grey locks and a friendly grey hat.[1]


She is very sociable and finds manners highly important. When she discovered Rie to be a [Lady], she found it proper to curtsy formally, which she did with surprising agility for someone of her age.[1]


Eloise has a village of her own and is a travelling trader of sorts and specializes in teas, flowers, herbs.[1]


Powers and Abilities[]


  • [Tea Witch] Lv. ?[2]


  • [Deft Hand]
  • [Tea Omens]



  • Her former middle name and surname were revealed in Ch 6.44 E.
  • She can make not just incredible tea but also terribly beautiful tea cups.[1]



  • (To Rie) “Excuse me, milady. But you’re looking rather taxed. Would you care to have a seat with us?”
  • (To Rie) “Some tea, young woman? I’m new in town, but I’ve made a delightful cup and I’d love to sit and chat with a lovely young lady like yourself. Join us?”
  • (To Rie) “My name is Eloise. I’m a travelling trader of sorts. I specialize in teas, flowers, herbs. I heard there was an opportunity in Riverfarm, and so I made the trip. Sit, please, young lady.”
  • (To ladies) “An old woman can’t be afraid of monsters or men, ladies! I’ve seen enough of both over my years; don’t you worry. And it’s moving about that keeps me alive!”
  • (To Safey) “I have a village of my own, Miss Safey. No children or relatives who’d care to look after me, I’m sure, but my village is enough. As I said, I’m travelling here for a spell. Young man, why don’t you sit? You look like you could use a biscuit yourself. Don’t let your [Lady] here take them all.”
  • (To Rie) “Kindness asks questions, Lady Rie Valerund. And it is kindness I seek to spread. That is my craft, my reason for existing and my root of magic. It is not Belavierr’s. So hope that I succeed.”