Elves were once one of the races of the world, but they have not been seen for thousands of years.

Background Edit

Tens of thousand of years ago, the Elves vanished from the world.

Teriarch once said, that both Gnomes and Elves have walked upon the twin moons in the sky.[1]

Powers and Abilities Edit

It is said that Elves could live for over thousands of years.[2]

Elves were said to be immune to charms and curses. They were so deeply magical that any attempt to hex or bewitch them was impossible.[3]

Trivia Edit

  • According to Teriarch, Elves were so in tune with nature; they expected answers to pop up, possibly from the rocks and trees they talked to.[4]
  • According to Ceria's great-grandmother, even Dragons bowed to them as masters of magic.
  • Elves didn't need to go through puberty.[5]

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