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Emily is an Earther, that was transported/summoned together with 60 others to Innworld, by the Blighted King, as a [Hero], hoping that they would be able to defeat their eternal enemies, the Demons.


Whenever she appeared, Emily was described behaving like a stuck-up and selfish person believing herself better than her fellows in he American group. This personality trait may have developed after she became the most talented [Mage]. However, she is popular and well-liked despite all that, so that may only be her attitude towards the narrator of those chapters, Tom.




Emily became something of a leader within the American Group, together with Richard. The two de-facto leaders of the Americans became an item.[2]

Like Richard and Tom and unlike the rest of the Americans, Emily got an audience and the opportunity to speak with the Blighted King when they were summoned back from their exile.[3] Later, they helped defending the Blighted King from the Demon attack at his palace.

Powers and Abilities[]

Emily has been shown as able to summon water from the ground and form it into perfect spheres that are seemling solid. She performed those tricks in front of the Blighted King's court.[2]


  • [Hydromancer] Lv. 34[4]
  • [Hero] Lv. 1



  • [Summon Water Elemental]
  • [Tidal Wave]


  • Reyanne's Laptop[3]


  • She is from Minnesota.[5]
  • Emily gets vertigo when she's up high.[2]
  • When a Selphid shook Emily's hand once, she hurried to wash it as soon as possible, in plain view of the public.[2]
  • She watches the news report on the Scrying Orb every day to catch a glimpse of the girl who’d shouted ‘oh my god’, the soccer player, Joseph, as well as hints of Rémi Canada, or the Singer of Terandria.[5]