The Emperor of Sands (no name given) is a String Person and the [Emperor] of the Empire of Sands.

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Over the last 8 years, the Emperor of Sands swallowed most of the nations, once part of Flos' empire, to the west. With his vast army he burns and pillages every village in his way.[1]

The most important reason as to why he hasn't expanded to the east and reached Flos' kingdom yet is the Zeikhal desert. Being possibly twice as large as the Sahara, it is highly difficult to cross it with an army.[2]

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At some point, the emperor managed to catch Drevish, one of the Seven and old friend to Flos, cut off his head, then sent it to the King of Destruction.[3]

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  • [Emperor] Lv. ?

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  • [Sanctuary of the Desert]

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  • (To Khal) “Surprised, Khal? Surely you knew your Emperor wore many faces.”
  • (To Khal) “Ah, in nature we are different. That is true. I cannot fathom what it is like to be Human, to never change your form. If your bones shatter you must heal slowly. If you lose an arm it is gone for good. Whereas I can but unravel the strings of my arm and attach a new one.”
  • (To Khal) “Sometimes I forget myself, General. There is more to an [Emperor]’s duties than war. And yet, it is war that Chandrar thrives on, is it not?”
  • (To Khal) “Come to my chambers tonight, General. We shall discuss what your thoughts on the King of Destruction are then. I would hear your insights and—counsel.”
  • (To Itself) “I should be worn. He is out there. What care have I of Terandria when the King of Destruction hounds my dreams? When his vassal incites rebellion and musters other nations against me?”
  • (To Itself) “I know that I am the perspective needed. I have made mistakes. And clearly—I underestimated the folly of Humans. Of men. But do not get a head of yourself.”

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