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Warning! This page contains spoilers from recently released chapters. Proceed with caution and acid jars.

Erin Solstice is the main protagonist of The Wandering Inn. She is a [Magical Innkeeper] and a master-class chess player. She first wandered into this world on her way to the bathroom and has been stuck ever since.


Erin has fair skin, hazel eyes and light brown hair with the slightest orange tint.[2] While initially she had short hair, it grew longer, to the point where she can tie it at the back of her head.[3] She would eventually get her hair cut,[4] but it would still be longer than the start.[5] She wears a custom-ordered variation of a t-shirt and pants,[6] and a worker apron, which has become somewhat iconic to her.


Erin has a warmhearted and enthusiastic nature. She is always friendly and pleasant towards others though she has a tendency to act cheeky and immature, especially around authority figures. Erin has a strong moral compass and despite being strictly non-violent, she will not hesitate to fight back if she or her friends are threatened, even confronting an entire army by herself. She is someone who follows in what she believes in regardless of her own reputation. However, due to her actions, she is considered to be insane by many people (including most of her friends), thus earning her the moniker "The Crazy Human of Liscor." A passionate chess player, Erin lives and breathes the game, memorizing strategies and often neglecting her duties to play.

While she can be naïve about certain subject matters, Erin is very clever and possesses keen insight, as demonstrated when she was the first to deduce the possibility that the Raskghar could maintain their intelligence during the day.[7] However, she can be somewhat airheaded, such as when she accidentally insulted the King of Destruction on live television.[8] Additionally, she is a natural leader and is skillful at manipulating events to her own benefit.

She is not a naturally deceptive person and has trouble keeping secrets, but she has successfully avoided confrontation about her true identity through deflection and over-the-top antics. She has a habit of acting dumb and oblivious in order for people to underestimate her, though it has the unintentional side-effect of people thinking that she actually is stupid.

Despite her sociability and amiability with others, Erin is an introvert, and dislikes being the center of attention in social situations. She is also somewhat prudish and uncomfortable with any form of sex-talk. While she is open to the idea of romance, she finds it difficult to connect with anyone romantically and has avoided topics of romance (or outright rejected) with several suitors, including Olesm, Palt and Earl Altestial. She is very politically correct, and goes to great pains to enforce equal rights within the territory of her inn, willing to ban even her friends from her inn if she believes they are behaving "like jerks". While an advocate for LGBTQ rights, she is somewhat unfamiliar with certain nuances of it, being initially unfamiliar with what "Q" stands for.[9] She distrusts narcotics and bans them from her inn.

While Erin doesn’t show it, she is likely suffering from minor PTSD due to the many traumatic events she’s experienced during her stay of Innworld. Which was theorized by several other characters to be holding her back from making romantic connections or pursuits.

Likely through fear that one day she may lose them forever. This has likely only increased with the ending of Volume 8.


Erin Solstice was born on the 21st of June, 1996, coincidentally on the same day that the Summer Solstice occurred. Due to this coincidence and her family surname, her parents had said that her birth was a sign.[10] She lived in Grand Rapids, Michigan.[11]

Erin was a child prodigy at chess, reaching an ELO of 2000 as a kid. She went to many tournaments, studied and played chess late into the night.[12] She won many local tournaments and also was invited to some big ones where she never won first place. She only came close once in Havana.[13] She once played a female Grandmaster, but lost because of her excitement.[14]

She went to tournaments all around the world at a young age, casually learning local customs and languages (among them Spanish, French, Dutch and Japanese at the very least) there but doesn't speak any of them fluently aside from some words. She didn't do well in French classes.[1]

When she was younger, she dreamed of being an astronaut. Then, when she’d been slightly older she’d wanted to be a legendary chess player, someone who could beat even a computer in chess. And then she’d wanted to be a chess commentator, someone with a huge following or even a YouTube channel.[15] At some point during her youth, she had been fed up with chess[12], rebelled and and got away from the game, but as one of her latest developments back on Earth, she was fascinated with chess again and pursued a more casual chess hobby.[16] She assumes she might be at 2400 ELO if she had kept playing constantly.[12] She later didn’t enroll in college, preferring to work as a chess tutor and tournament contender to save up money before going on to study.[17]

Also since she was young she had become a fan of Peanuts, and watched their comics, TV show, and movies, even the weird ones. She had watched them all, except for the last movie which she failed to watch because she was transferred to Innworld. Her favorite characters in the shows and movies were Snoopy, Linus—and Peppermint Patty and Marcie, with the last two being the ones she liked the most. Marcie especially as she always tries to help her friend. Erin wanted to be like her, since she played chess and Marcie liked books and had glasses. Erin wanted to be a good friend to someone like Patty, but she never met someone like that. It was just her which was alright.[18]

Erin had a close relationship with her loving parents. She had two boyfriends,[19] but the relationships never progressed to the point of her losing her virginity.[20] It is not clear if any of her boyfriends was the same one as her online relationship with mysterio_Gamer12, whom she met during online chess games. She had been certain he was a handsome guy until she found out, during one awkward Skype conversation, that mysterio was a Polish girl who thought she was a guy.[21]

After having arrived in this new harsh world, she found an empty inn. With no place to go, she took it as her own and decided to reopen it under the name The Wandering Inn, hoping it would make it easier for her to survive. With no prior experience of handling an inn, she often met with hardships and slowly had to accustom herself to a live as an [Innkeeper].


Volume 1:[]

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When Erin was going around a corner in her home in Michigan intending to enter the bathroom, she suddenly found herself face to face with a Dragon in a cave. After running from the Dragon and some Goblins who chased her, Erin found an abandoned Inn and became an [Innkeeper]. She spent the next few days surviving monster attacks and fending off Goblins, before getting her first customers.[22] For a while, Erin only got the same three customers — Relc, Klbkch, and Pisces — the former two being Senior Guardsman from the local city of Liscor, and the latter being a wandering Necromancer.[23] At one point, Erin killed a Goblin Chieftain that nearly raped and killed her. She then befriended and served some Goblins and Antinium, teaching them chess in the process.[24]

In Liscor, the city closest to the Wandering Inn, as Erin called her inn by now, she met several people who also began to help her, prominently among them the Drakes Olesm and Selys as well as the Gnoll merchant Krshia.[25] Erin was nearly killed again when Goblins attacked her Inn, and was saved by Rags — one of her Goblin customers whom she named — and Klbkch, the latter of whom died protecting her. Because of Klbkch’s death, Erin lost the protection of Liscor’s watch, and Relc as a customer.[26] After Klbkch’s death, Erin met an Antinium Worker whom she helped become the individual Pawn. She played chess against him and around hundred other Workers that accompanied him in an Immortal Game, gaining the skill [Immortal Moment] as a result. At some point, Erin met the Named Adventurer, Gazi Pathseeker, when she was destroying a Shield Spider’s Nest. Because of that and her [Immortal Moment] Skill, Gazi took an immediate interest in Erin.[27][12]

After finding her Inn ransacked by a mysterious robber, Erin searched for some bodyguards to protect her and her Inn. Unable to afford guards, Pisces, who hasn’t paid for most of his meals, then gave Erin a skeleton to be her bodyguard as a form of payment. The skeleton, who was later named Toren, became Erin’s first employee and helped her gather and serve food and drinks to Goblins and Antinium.[28][17]

After the discovery of a crypt a few miles away from Liscor, adventurers began flocking to the city. Erin, who had only had a skeleton, Goblins, and Antinium, in her Inn for a while, needed to protect herself and her guests from the visiting Human Adventurers.[29] Eventually, an adventuring group called the Horns of Hammerad stopped by her Inn and became the first customers to rent a room. When Klbkch’s successor, Ksmvr, maimed Pawn, Erin used [Immortal Moment] to sing and make her songs come to life.[30] The leader of the Silver Ranked team, the Minotaur named Calruz, tought Erin and Toren how to fight after seeing Erin fail to protect Pawn. Erin learned [Power Strike] in a day, and was told that she is talented.[31]When the expedition by the Horns and several other Silver- ranked teams failed, inadvertently unleashing Skinner and thousands of undead, Erin’s Inn was attacked . The Antinium Chess Club, led by Knight, rushed to Erin’s Inn to help protect her.[32]

Erin, Toren, and the individuals managed to fend off the Undead for a while, but were eventually overwhelmed when Skinner himself comes. Erin, who fell under the effects of Skinner’s [Terror] spell, was unable to fight, and Knight was killed. After Knight’s death Erin used [Immortal Moment] and played chess against herself for an eternity. She played for what felt like years, until living became fear, and fear became living. When Erin stopped playing, she still felt fear from Skinner’s spell, but she was used to the fear and thus able to fight back.Using up all of her acid jars, Erin was eventually forced out of her Inn in a desperate charge against Skinner. Erin, Toren, and the remaining Individuals, managed to badly wound Skinner, forcing it to shed its protective shell of dead skin. However, this gave Skinner the speed and mobility it didn’t have before, and almost killed Erin.Erin was saved by Klbkch, who was revived by the Rite of Anastases and saved Erin just in time, forcing Skinner to realize it was outmatched and retreat. Rags and her tribe chased the monster down and finished it off, forcing the undead to retreat, thus ending the attack on Liscor. The next day, Erin wept for the dead.[33]

Volume 2:[]

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Afterwards, Erin met Ryoka, a fellow Earther, as Ryoka stopped by in her inn. The two girls befriended each other,[34] and rushed to the crypt ruin where the Horns of Hammerad had failed, because they wanted to rescue Ceria, who was together with Olesm the only remaining survivors of the expedition.[35]

Exiting the ruins, Erin and Ryoka were greeted by Gazi who tried to kidnap and bring them to Flos, her [King]. Despite help from many high-leveled natives of Liscor, they could barely prevent Gazi from succeeding; Erin poked out Gazi's main eye and caused her to flee the scene.[36]

After a long brainstorming session, Ryoka left Erin to take care of her own things,[37] while Erin had to face the arriving winter. Her skeleton Toren blew up the old inn, and Erin's friends helped her reconstruct a new inn much closer to Liscor.[38] Erin also had her first successes as a salesperson for hamburgers short after.[39] It then turned out that the Liscorians quickly copied Erin's recipe, and in an attempt to top them again, she started an iPhone concert on a whim - something that has not been repeated afterwards. At that time, Erin also received a magical chessboard[40] and assembled a banquet for Frost Faeries who gifted her the Faerie Flowers.[20]

Erin gained her first living employee soon afterwards: Lyonette, who was reluctant to became a [Barmaid] in her inn.[41] Her employment also created a rift between Erin and all Gnolls in Liscor,[42] as Lyonette had been condemned to death in exile by the Liscorian authorities. However, Erin could steadily attract more business to her inn, most prominently the adventurer Halrac[43]. She also saw the revival of the Horns of Hammerad in that time.[44]

While Ryoka was away on her delivery from Teriarch, Erin was invited by Lady Magnolia Reinhart to her mansion in Invrisil[1], and returned from there shortly before Ryoka came back with Mrsha.[16] After Erin overworked Toren, he stranded her near Celum. Ryoka managed to find Erin in Celum with Teriarch's help, and there, the two heard the news of Esthelm's fall.

Volume 3:[]

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During her stay in Celum, Erin helps start the Players of Celum. After the Horns of Hammerad conquer the dungeon in the Ruins of Albez, they return to Celum to meet up with Erin. They discover that Toren had gone rogue and started murdering indiscriminately, having been given sentience by Pisces, but not a conscience. As such, Erin decides to have Pisces cut off her mana bond to Toren, thus killing him. Later, Pisces and Ksmvr return to Albez to retrieve a magical door with a teleporting spell. As Erin desired the door, the Horns give it to her and they make their way back to Liscor. On the way, they encounter a mysterious old man named Teriarch Erin and the Horns come across the partly rebuilt city of Esthelm, struggling to survive after the Goblin Lord attack. One day after arriving back at her inn, she kickstarts a relief mission to provide food, material, and adventures to help protect the city from further Goblin attacks.

Back in Liscor, Erin throws a Christmas party that ends with her crying over Earth and all those she missed. The next day, she has three visitors who give her an ancient Coin.[45]

Volume 4:[]

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When Regrika Blackpaw kills Brunkr, Erin saw through her and Ikriss' disguise and assembled Griffon Hunt, the Halfseekers, Zel Shivertail, and Wall Lord Ilvriss to confront them. In the ensuing battle, Ulrien is killed while Ijvani was badly damaged.

After Ryoka leaves Liscor, Erin houses five Redfang Hobgoblins in her Inn, which causes Zel to leave, despite him defending her decision to protect them. When Zel Shivertail died in the battle against the Goblin Lord, Erin can be seen crying in her Inn.

Volume 5:[]

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At the request of Wall Lord Ilvriss, Erin connects her magical door to the Walled City of Pallass, the City of Inventions. When the Face-Eater Moths attacked Liscor, Erin helps fight them off while using the magical door to get aid from Celum and Pallass.

During the Raskghar arc, the door played a vital role in bringing about Gold-Ranked Adventurers from Pallass, and defeating the Raskghar. With the defeat of the Raskghar, the Cave Goblins under their servitude were freed and put under the protection of Erin and the five Redfang Goblins.

When the Flooded Waters Tribe and Redfang Tribe arrive in Liscor, Erin fed many of them over several days. And finally, when the Goblin Lord was driven to Liscor by the Humans in the North to take over the city, the Cave Goblins, the Flooded Waters Tribe, and the Redfang Tribe, with Erin's request, fought to defend the city of Liscor. This resulted in over 200,000 Goblins dying that day, including Headscratcher and Shorthilt.

Volume 6:[]

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In the aftermath of the Goblin King's attack, Erin mourns the death of her Goblin friends, and holes up in her inn for several days. She reveals the truth about being from another world to Lyonette, Mrsha, and Numbtongue. Later, Erin goes on vacation to Pallass for a few weeks, meeting new friends such as Lasica, Rufelt, Maughin, and Grimalkin. She helps in Liscor's election by properly introducing Liscor and Pallass to each other.

Wistram mages come to Liscor to kidnap the Horns of Hammerad and to invite Erin to Wistram. When Erin realizes that they have abducted the Horns, she secretly organizes an attack on them. Later, Crelers emerge from the Bloodfields, coming through Erin's magical door and swarming her inn. As a result, the Wandering Inn is almost destroyed.

In the aftermath of the Creler attack, Toren confronts Erin when she is alone in the ruins of the inn. Their ensuing fight almost ends with Erin's death at the hands of Toren, but at the last moment, he relents and reveals that he possesses, to some degree, a conscience. Toren then tries to commit suicide to Erin's grief, though unbeknowst to her, Toren is abducted by Ijvani by Az'kerash's orders. [5]

Volume 7:[]

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Broken by Toren's death, Erin goes to Pallass on vacation for two weeks while the Wandering Inn is being rebuilt. While experimenting with her new Skill, she is arrested by Pallass's Watch and briefly sent to prison, where she meets Saliss of Lights. When she is released thanks to the intervention of Chaldion, The Walled City is attacked by a weyr of Wyverns led by a Wyvern Lord. Although she did not partake much in the battle— other than by throwing Molotov cocktails to distract some Wyverns to protect some civilians— she received worldwide attention by protecting Bird from the city of Pallass, as her actions were broadcasted to the world.[46]

After returning to her inn, Erin discovers the full extent of her new Skills, [Like Fire, Memory] and the [Garden of Sanctuary]. She is later kicked out of Celum, while finding out that there are running wagers on whether there would be attacks on previous locations she's been to. [47] After the Horns reach Invrisil and connect the magical door, she is manipulated by Magnolia, who uses the magic door to go to Liscor and reveal the extent of the Free Antinium forces to the world.[48] Erin also meets the Earthers from Magnolia's mansion, taking them under her wing, and Maviola El, who reveals to her that they share the same Skill, [Like Fire, Memory]. In the aftermath of the Bloodfeast Raiders attack on Celum, she reunited with Ryoka. Later, when Geneva Scala and her group of Earthers try to make contact with Joseph in the wake of his appearance on the scrying orbs, Erin pretends to be Joseph and is able to send them penicillin using her connections.[49]

When Ryoka prepares to go on a run to save Tyrion Veltras' sons, Erin is able to summon forces from Pallass, Liscor, Celum, and the Free Antinium to combat the Assassin's Guild to secure Ryoka, Maviola, and Saliss's escape from Invrisil.[50]

Near the end of Volume 7, four Elite Drake strike forces from Hectval would attack Liscor, due to a previous offence to their Scalespeaker, Yisht. One of the Strike Forces would encounter Erin outside her inn, and shoot her with their crossbows, hitting her with six poison-tipped bolts at her chest and stomach, which causes her to bleed out, while the poison prevents Healing Potions from working. Knowing she is going to die, despite her friends' attempts to save her, Erin tells them that her life had been happy, and conjured a little bright flame representing all her emotions, and tries to give it to them. Her heart would stop beating right after. Kevin believing that there is still a way to save her, tells the mages to freeze her immediately to Cryostasis her. Her frozen body would later be laid in the [Garden of Sanctuary]’s hilltop.[51]

The day after, despite Kevin claim that Erin is not entirely dead, the others do not believe him as the [Detect Life] Spell doesn't work on her, until Reiss gets Numbtongue tell them that Erin is indeed not dead, as the [Detect Death] Spell doesn't work on her either. A second proof would emerge right after from Visma who points out that Erin's [Field of Preservation] is still working, which makes everyone realize that all of Erin's other Inn Skills are still working as well. With this it became clear to everyone that Erin is neither alive nor dead, but trapped somewhere between life and death.[52]

Volume 8:[]

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Erin's revival is a driving force for many characters; Liscor is currently at war with Hectval, and under Pawn's leadership, thousands of Free Antinium have joined Liscor's Army, which has massive political implications. Meanwhile, Lyonette, Saliss, and the Gentlemen Callers head to Oteslia to research a cure for Erin's frozen state. Based on intel from Selys, the Horns of Hammerad organized a massive raid on the Village of the Dead to find the Helm of Fire in the hopes of trading it for a cure.

While trapped in the "land of the dead," somewhere between life and death, Erin was first held hostage by Kasinga. Trying to find what made Erin special, Kasigna created an illusion that Erin had woken up back on Earth, and was one of the first individuals from the "Spirited Generation" to return to Earth. However, Erin realized that she was trapped in an illusion after growing suspicious of the fact that she was able to constantly beat her computer in chess (as she was actually playing Kasigna). Before being devoured by Kasigna, Erin was able to escape with the intervention of Maviola, Zel, Sserys, and Califor, though both Maviola and Zel ended up sacrificing themselves. She reached the land of House Byres, and was temporarily shielded by Yderigrisel, the knight-dragon. When three of the dead gods were able to subdue all the ghosts within the sanctuary, Erin and Califor were able to escape with the help of the Putrid One. They were able to flee across the ocean to Khelt, where most of Chandrar's ghosts were protected by Khelt's rulers. However, they weren't able to withstand all six of the dead gods, but Erin was able to summon the umbrella that brought forth sunshine from the land of the living (offered to her by Tamaroth during the Winter Solstice), and the blade of kings that belonged to King Arthur, causing the gods to flee.[53]

Under the tutelage of several [Witches], Erin is tasked to listen to the stories of the ghosts present, becoming acquainted with famous historical figures such as the [Sage] who invented Sage's Grass and Elucina the [Rebel of String].[54] She meets a Garuda [Pickpocket] named Cawe, who was a [Slave] along with Pisces. During Khelt's war with Medain and the Claiven Earth, she is present when the former rulers of Khelt are able to make contact with Fetohep.[55] With his help, she is able to pass a message to her friends in the land of the living.[56]

Erin encounters Xarkouth, a Void Dragon who spreads word of Erin's existence to the ghosts on the other continents.[54][57] He eventually returns to Khelt with several Terandrian ghosts, including a Wyrm named Cathulsveri who divulges the true identity of Duke Rhisveri, as well as the existence of a Scroll of Resurrection.[58]

With Fetohep's help, Erin is able to send assistance to Ksmvr and Pisces.[59] She is present during the [Multi-Message Link] conversation between everyone trying to reviver her.[60] She finds out about the live people's trials used to experiment for a cure, and is upset by their loss and sacrifice. However, she and the other ghosts are distracted when they sense something from the edge of the world, and accidentally spend a month just staring before fleeing the things that arrive.[61]

Erin and the other former rulers of Khelt warn Fetohep of the coming threat. Leading to Fetohep raising a world-wide alarm through the use of Dragonbells. Before he leads a massive charge across Chandrar.

Erin meanwhile watches the things continue their advance across the dead lands. Only being halted in their advance by a horde of dead dragons and elves.

During the chaos of the things invasion, Erin regains her class levels thanks to the Gnomes. Allowing her to temporarily halt both the things and the dead gods and spirits. Stopping the entire dead lands in an instant.

Attracting the attention of something that ate a god.

It is later revealed that a revival ritual had taken place before Erin arrived to warn Fetohep. Leading to General Sserys taking control of Erin’s body and heading towards the Meeting of Tribes.

Powers and Abilities[]


  • [Magical Innkeeper] Lv. 46
    • Derived from [Innkeeper] Lv. 30
  • [Witch of Second Chances] Lv. 12
    • Derived from [Witch]
  • [Singer] Lv. 6
  • [Warrior] Lv. 2


  • [Advanced Cleaning]
  • [Advanced Cooking]
  • [Advanced Crafting]
  • [Alcohol Brewer]
  • [Bar Fighting] or [Tavern Brawling]
  • [Basic Brewing]
  • [Basic Cleaning]
  • [Basic Cooking]
  • [Basic Crafting]
  • [Control Pitch]
  • [Crowd Control]
  • [Dangersense]
  • [Immortal Moment]
  • [Immunity: Alcohol] or [Alcohol Immunity]
  • [Immunity: Crossbow Bolts]
  • [Inn’s Aura]
  • [Lesser Endurance]
  • [Lesser Strength]
  • [Like Fire, Memory]
    • Blue = Sorrow, Guilt and Loss
    • Purple = Happiness
    • Pink = Glory
    • Invisible = Hatred
    • Grey = Mercy
    • Sky Blue = Hope
    • Red = Kindness
  • [Loud Voice]
  • [Minotaur Punch]
    • Advanced from [Power Strike]
  • [Natural Allies: Goblins]
  • [Perfect Recall]
  • [Quick Recovery]
  • [School: Witchcraft (Undetermined)]
  • [Unerring Throw]
  • [Wondrous Fare] (For info see Here)


TBA till Volume 9.

Inn Skills:[]

Skills that apply only to the Inn.

  • [Boon of the Guest]
  • [Compartments of Holding]
  • [Famous Name: The Wandering Inn]
  • [Field of Preservation]
  • [Garden of Sanctuary] (For info see Here)
  • [Grand Theatre]
  • [Local Landmark: Liscor]
  • [Magical Grounds]
  • [Partial Reconstruction]
  • [Reinforced Structure]
  • [Twofold Rest]


  • [Post: Basic Quest]
  • [Post: Rare Quest]
  • [Post: Heroic Quest]
  • [Post: Mythical Quest]
  • [Post: Legendary Quest]

(For Leveling History see Here)


Chess Master[]

Being a passionate and talented chess player back on Earth, she is one of, if not the best chess player in Innworld. She has won against experienced chess players like Niers Astoragon,[62] Az’kerash[63] and Teriarch all of whom are some of the greatest minds in the world.[64] Her advanced expertise in chess is such that it can actually cause her opponents to level just by playing her. She is also skilled enough to win against opponents using Skills to cheat or augment their play, being able to beat Chaldion's [Path to Victory].[65]

She can also play chess without a board and has demonstrated playing against multiple chess opponents at the same time.[66]


Erin possesses a natural charisma that commands attention and makes people enjoy being in her company, put up with her oddities, or follow her to do the right thing. They do so because she is likeable, able to find the best in people, and empathizes with those who no one cared about.


Erin has a strong will as she does not back away from dangerous situations or people with high authority even when the odds are against her if it means doing what is right. She can also look someone who opposes and pressures her in their eyes until they back away, even if they use a Skill or Aura on her. (A point to this is that in Innworld those who do so are actually clashing their wills with their own Aura, even if they don't have an Aura Skill or are unaware that they are doing so).

After having obtained [Crowd Control] and gaining some control over her Aura, she can enforce her will on others who are in her Inn. Some ways she does this is by slowing down their movements, preventing angry crowds from rioting, and preventing others who are at odds with her from entering her Inn. Her will is at its strongest when she is in her own Inn, but even so, someone with a stronger will and/or aura can still resist or oppose her will.


While it does not always work fully (and for some not at all), most of the time Erin is able to have others do what she wants. This ranges from confusing others so she can pry some information that they would not otherwise reveal to misdirecting others' initial intentions to something else entirety.

After she obtained [Crowd Control] and mastered some control over her Aura, she is now able to feel the flow of a crowd of people, and if the conditions are ideal, she can have them ignore her completely having them walk around her as if she weren’t there, calm them, or turn them into a riot.[18]

Pragmatic Thinking[]

Erin can come up with plans or solutions that are different from the norm. This allows her to make something out from a difficult situation from what she has at hand that otherwise others would have never thought about.

Fighting Talent[]

As noted by Calruz, Erin has a talent and sense for battle. True to this, after a few hours in her first combat exercise, not only was she able to overwhelm Toren (he was low level at the time) in a fist fight, but she also unlocked [Power Strike] as a learned Skill. She is still weak, and needs to practice and train to show her full potential,[67] but progressing fights have shown results, like being able to advance [Power Strike] into [Minotaur Punch]. It should be noted that this talent does not equate to a desire to fight. She prefers running an inn and will protect friends if she has to, though she tries to avoid fighting and has rejected combat/military classes when given the chance to obtain them.

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Memory Manifestation[]

In the land of the dead, Erin discovers that in her half-dead, half-alive state, she is able to conjure objects from her memory, such as weapons and food, which ghosts are able to use. However, the items she can materialize fade quickly.[57] Using this ability, she is also able to summon King Arthur's sword from the land of the fae. She can also recreate scenes from her memory that shows the people that she known, for others to see.

Should a Dead God take hold of any of these conjured objects and consume them, Erin will forget them, which creates holes in her memory, and will not be able to remember them even when others tell her what she just lost.


List of unique and rare possessions that Erin came to own.

  1. Magical Chessboard:[40] A chessboard that is magically linked to another smaller chessboard, so that they can mirror each move exactly, which allows 2 players to play against each other, anywhere in the world. Gifted by Niers.
  2. Faerie Flowers[20]
  3. Magical Door[68]
  4. Mithril Coin[45]
  5. Ilvriss's Ring: A golden ring with the word 'Salazsar' engraved on it. A gift given by Wall Lord Ilvriss stated to be the most valuable of the ten rings the wall lord was wearing. When the holder in danger, the ring will summon Salaszar's nearest allies to help, while also raising an alarm in Salazsar.[69] It is enchanted to not be noticed, by deflecting awareness away from it, and make it seem like a copper ring.[70][71]
  6. Pelt's Masterwork Knife: A masterfully forged knife, done by Pelt. The center of the blade is made of iron for more flexibility, while the edge is made of steel for sharpness.[72]
  7. Magical Go Board:[46] Similar to the Magical Chessboard, allows mirrored movements of pieces between two boards from anywhere in the world. The larger number of game pieces in Go allows short text messages to be spelled out, allowing communication between players.
  8. Anti-[Appraisal] and [Scrying] Ring: A ring made from a ruby mixed with Truegold. At its center, where a gemstone might go, it has a black, faintly luminescent sigil traced in it that looks like a stylized crossed-out eye. It is enchanted to protect the user from [Appraisal][73] and [Scrying] Spells.[74]
  9. Bag of Holding: Looks like an old, small purse that is burnt in one part. It is just bigger than Erin’s head, with a drawstring on it. It holds about 5 pounds of weight. It was given to her by Wailant.[75]


  • At level 45, Erin is the highest level individual from Earth whose level has been explicitly mentioned.
  • She objects to parts of her name, as "Erin" could either be a boy's or girl's name.[76]
  • Erin was at the earliest teleported to Innworld in early October 2016, as she has been shown to know a quote from Trump that was released at that time. (“But he’s the one who said grab women by the—”).[37] Kasinga has also told Erin that she was the first individual transported to Innworld, but it is unknown whether she was telling the truth.[77]
  • Erin is a firm believer in pepperoni when it comes to pizzas; she could take or leave pineapples, but she refuses to acknowledge anchovies.[78]
  • According to Lady Magnolia, there are five people who might win against Erin in chess: " an old fool, the world’s smallest strategist, a reclusive mage, a miserable king and a dashing and quite charming lord."[16]
  • Erin was infamous in Rags' tribe before they started to increase significantly in size.
    • Even so, they feared the inn. They feared the one that lives inside it. A trickster. A deceiver. A destroyer. She looks weak, but she is death.[79]
    • The Goblins looked at their leader, still noisily being sick in the grass. They looked back at the Destroyer, slayer of the skin monster, provider of pasta and free drinks. They backed up quickly.)[80]
  • It has been shown that Erin has bad handwriting on several occasions.[81][82] She is also bad at drawing.[83]
  • As a homebody, she views the longest acceptable travel times as sixteen hours, by plane. As such, she is unwilling to go anywhere that may take her longer then that, even if she travelled for free there and back, with luxury accommodations included.[84]
  • After having three[85] of her teeth broken and lost when Garen hit her in the jaw, Pisces mended her teeth by attaching shaped enamel of bear teeth to her broken ones.[86] The new bear-teeth are also probably tougher than normal.[87]
  • She is one of the few individuals in the world to reach Level 40 before the age of 30.[88]
  • There is a rumour that Erin has a cursed Skill which attracts trouble, or bad luck, as the case may be. This is due to her being constantly involved in troublesome and often deadly situations, which has obtained her a reputation for attracting trouble. Even half of her friends and acquaintances assume so, and there are even betting pool were individuals that range from the rich, to monarchs, among others, are placing bets on whether a place associated with her will be attacked in the next month, or in the following year, and how many casualties will occur.[73]
  • Despite having [Advanced Cooking], Erin does not particularly enjoy cooking and her dishes tend to lack nuance or healthiness.
  • Grimalkin has a theory in his personal notes, about the phenomenons that occur due to, and around Erin, which he dubbed as the ‘Erin-Chaos Effect’,[73] or 'The Solstice Effect'.[89]
  • Due to her parents liking dark chocolate instead of regular chocolate, Erin grew up preferring it as well.[90]
  • Erin has been banned from Liscor’s playgrounds after she’d once rallied the children in a day-long siege against the adults.[90]
  • Erin isn’t really a fan of video games. While she does play games like Minecraft and stuff, she isn’t into the complex action game stuff.[18]
  • According to an online Harry Potter House quiz test that Erin had taken, she is 40% Hufflepuff and 60% Gryffindor.[91]
  • She won her first chess tournament when she was 11.[92]
  • During the time when General Sserys possessed Erin’s body he had gotten her arm chopped off, but regrow a new one thanks to a Potion of Regeneration.[93] Currently it is not known which of the arms got severed, nor is it known of what happened of Erin’s old severed arm.


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