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Leveling History

Leveling History[]

Chapters Classes/Levels Skills Additional Information
Ch 1.01 [Innkeeper] Lv. 1 (+1) [Basic Cleaning]
[Basic Cooking]
Obtained the [Innkeeper] Class
Ch 1.03 [Innkeeper] Lv. 4 (+3) N/A
Ch 1.07 [Innkeeper] Lv. 5 (+1) [Basic Crafting]
Ch 1.14 [Innkeeper] Lv. 6 (+1) N/A
Ch 1.16 [Innkeeper] Lv. 9 (+3) [Unerring Throw]
[Tavern Brawling] / [Bar Fighting]
(Due to a Typo that has not been fixed yet, the Skill [Tavern Brawling] has been changed into [Bar Fighting].)
Ch 1.22 [Innkeeper] Lv. 10 (+1) [Alcohol Brewer]
Ch 1.27 [Innkeeper] Lv. 11 (+1) [Lesser Strength]

[Immortal Moment]

Learned the Unique Skill, [Immortal Moment]
Ch 1.33 [Innkeeper] Lv. 13 (+2) [Loud Voice]
Ch 1.38 [Innkeeper] Lv. 15 (+2) N/A
Ch 1.41 N/A Learned
[Power Strike]
Ch 1.45 [Innkeeper] Lv. 18 (+3) [Immunity: Alcohol] / [Alcohol Immunity]
[Quick Recovery]
(Due to some Typo? that has not been fixed yet, the Skill [Immunity: Alcohol] is sometimes changed into [Alcohol Immunity].)
Ch 2.07 [Warrior] Lv. 2 (+2) [Lesser Endurance] Obtained the [Warrior] Class
Ch 2.11 [Innkeeper] Lv. 19 (+1) N/A
Ch 2.17 [Innkeeper] Lv. 21 (+2)
[Singer] Lv. 6 (+6)
[Advanced Cooking]
[Advanced Crafting]
[Perfect Recall]
[Control Pitch]
Obtained the [Singer] Class
Ch 2.21 [Innkeeper] Lv. 25 (+4) [Inn’s Aura]

[Wondrous Fare]

Learned the Unique Skill, [Wondrous Fare]
Ch 2.26 N/A [Minotaur Punch] The Skill [Power Strike] Changed into [Minotaur Punch]
Ch 2.37 N/A [Advanced Cleaning] Skill Revealed
Ch 2.43 [Innkeeper] Lv. 26 (+1) N/A
Ch 3.15 [Innkeeper] Lv. 27 (+1) N/A
Ch 3.16 [Innkeeper] Lv. 29 (+2) [Crowd Control]
Ch 3.33 [Innkeeper] Lv. 30 (+1)

[Magical Innkeeper]

Inn Skills
[Magical Grounds]
[Field of Preservation]
Conditions Met to Advance [Innkeeper] into [Magical Innkeeper] Class.
Ch 4.18 [Magical Innkeeper] Lv. 31 (+1) N/A
Ch 4.31 [Magical Innkeeper] Lv. 32 (+1) Inn Skills
[Reinforced Structure]
Ch 4.45 [Magical Innkeeper] Lv. 33 (+1) N/A
Ch 5.04 [Magical Innkeeper] Lv. 34 (+1) Inn Skills
[Grand Theatre]
Ch 5.12 [Magical Innkeeper] Lv. 35 (+1) N/A Revealed to have Leveled Up [Magical Innkeeper] to Lv. 35.
Ch 5.44 [Magical Innkeeper] Lv. 36 (+1) [Natural Allies: Goblins]

Inn Skills
[Local Landmark: Liscor]

Ch 5.59 [Magical Innkeeper] Lv. 37 (+1) N/A
Ch 5.62 Obtained/Cancelled

Conditions Met
[Warrior] → [General]


[General] Lv. 6 (+6)

[Inspiring Words]
[All-or-Nothing Charge]
After the Goblins battle ended, she was Leveling Up and was going to Obtain the [General] Class and at least 3 new Skills, but not wanting them she Cancelled the Level Up.
Ch 6.32 [Magical Innkeeper] Lv. 38 (+1) Inn Skills
[Partial Reconstruction]
Two Rats [Magical Innkeeper] Lv. 39 (+1) N/A
Ch 6.68 [Magical Innkeeper] Lv. 40 (+1) [Like Fire, Memory]

Inn Skills
[Garden of Sanctuary]

Burning Alcohol [Magical Innkeeper] Lv. 41 (+1) Inn Skills
[Twofold Rest]
Ch 7.26 [Magical Innkeeper] Lv. 43 (+2) N/A
Ch 7.31 [Magical Innkeeper] Lv. 44 (+1)


Conditions Met
[Warrior] → [Bannerlady]


[Bannerlady] Lv—

Inn Skills
[Compartments of Holding]
After the riots ended, she was Leveling Up and was going to Obtain the [Bannerlady] Class, but not wanting it she Cancelled the Level Up.
Ch 7.58 [Magical Innkeeper] Lv. 45 (+1) Inn Skills
[Boon of the Guest]
[Famous Name: The Wandering Inn]


  • The [Advanced Cleaning] Skill and the Level 35 [Magical Innkeeper] Class are the only ones so far that were not shown being obtained but Revealed.[1][2]