Erin is a human that belongs to a group of people that were teleported from earth.




Powers and Abilities


  • [Inkeeper]
  • [Warrior] Lv. 2
  • [Singer Class] Lv. 6


  • [Immortal Moment]
  • [Unerring Throw]
  • [Loud Voice]
  • [Lesser Strength]
  • [Immunity: Alcohol]
  • [Quick Recovery]
  • [Basic Cooking]
  • [Lesser Endurance]
  • [Advanced Cooking]
  • [Advanced Crafting]
  • [Perfect Recall]
  • [Control Pitch]


  • (To Pisces) "And then I’m going to feed you until you explode like one of the flies."
  • (To herself) “Stupid worlds that don’t have ice cream. Stupid Gnolls who act nice and look at me like I’m insane. How does anyone live without ice cream and cookies?”
  • (To Pisces about Toren) “It’s weaker than I am! I punched it this morning and its head came clean off!”
  • (To Selys about Hawk)“Right, right. But he’s so fluffy.”
  • (To Ryoka) "Um, you know how you were talking about survival and all that? Well, just imagine the coffins as one big…diaper.”
  • (To herself)If she saw a stuffed yellow bear she was going to lose her mind. But Hawk was real in a different way. He wasn’t like Rabbit, more like the rabbit-version of Usain Bolt. Yeah, that was probably closer.
  • (To Selys)“But it looks so fluffy and poofy and—”
  • (To Pisces)“Okay. You’ve officially made the most horrible thing in existence. Undead spiders. Good for you. Now take it out of my inn.”
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