Esthelm is a Human city located in Izril. It is the furthest Human city south, on the border of Drake lands, and supplied itself by mining above all else.

Geography Edit

CelumArea Map

Map of the Southern part of the Northern Plains Confederation. Esthelm is the most southern town in the map. (Artists rendition)

LiscorArea Map

Esthelm in relation to Liscor (Artist's rendition)

It is 60 miles south from Celum[1] and 30 miles north from Liscor.[2] Furthermore, it is a little less than hundred miles away from Erin's old inn.[3]

Chronology Edit

The former Horns of Hammerad and the other teams that took part in the expedition into the Ruins of Liscor met in Esthelm before going south to Liscor.[4]

Griffon Hunt discussed getting [Miners] from Esthelm to help dig up Liscor's Dungeon.[5]

Destruction Edit

At night Esthelm was attacked and burned by the Goblin Lord's raiding party, but before they could murder everyone, Rags and her tribe intervened and killed them. Then she ordered her tribe to loot and gather what she wanted and let the fleeing Humans go untouched and only kill those who resisted.[6]

Post-Destruction Edit

What remained of the destroyed city, was rubble, broken buildings, a maze of fallen masonry and tunnels of homes where the dead lay buried in the darkness. The many who survived soon realized the true horror of what the Goblins had done. As the goblins had taken goods, plundered valuables and stolen away the food. Now, in the remains of their city, over half of the remaining desperate population began to tear each other apart, fighting and killing over what scraps of food they could find.

After it's destruction, Esthelm always seemed dark. The bands of refugees and thugs who’d established themselves on the outside of the city had light, but it only served to enshroud the center of the city in more darkness. The broken buildings and slanted walls created a labyrinth into which sound and light seemed to vanish. The sewers had broken in places, in others, the flame had sent buildings tumbling into obscene heaps of death. Only the brave and truly desperate would go searching in these places, even among Esthelm’s survivors. Because even if they did not see anything, they knew dark things lurked in these places.

One of these dark things, is a young [Florist] woman who in order not to starve to death, ate a burned corpse, damning herself, losing her humanity, and becoming a monster with an insensible hunger.

A week after, all the dead started rising, climbing out of the sewers, and digging themselves out of the ground.[7]

Layout Edit

Esthelm is small city. It is still larger than a town, but only just. After it was sacked by Goblins, the city was restored and built stronger and higher. It is now larger than it was before.[8]

Land Marks Edit

Buildings Edit

Guilds: Edit

  • Adventurer's Guild
  • Runner’s Guild

Tavern: Edit

  • Dancer’s

Streets: Edit

  • Bezoar Street (At the Right of the [Florist] statue)

Trivia Edit

  • The road that goes to Liscor is located near Esthelm.[9]
  • After it's destruction, some bands of men reveled in their own twisted freedom to do as they pleased Grabbing young women and fighting each other.

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