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In the Winter after Erin's Arrival, there was a Bronze-rank adventuring team of three persons, working around Esthelm.


The three-person team consisted of:

  • One male Human [Fighter] with a sword
  • One female Human spear-wielder
  • One female Human [Mage], able to cast [Pebbleshot]


They had set out in order to investigate a score of missing people. These people had fallen prey to Toren who used the bodies to waylay more travellers. The three adventurers had noticed Toren from afar and didn't fall into one of his ambushes, and could disengage when they realized he was more of a threat than a regular skeleton. The swordfighter was injured in the arm and the spear-wielder lost her weapon - but they got away.[1]

In Esthelm, there was no authority to whom they could report this strange Undead, as the city was in anarchy until Ylawes Byres organized the survivors. After they met the Gold-Rank adventurer they followed him around and pleaded to leave the city and leave the inhabitants to their own devices.[2]

When they stayed in Esthelm due to the new Goblin siege after all, Ylawes respected them their courage. The male [Fighter] was badly injured when the siege was broken, and believed they had fought off the Goblins by themselves, but Ylawes knew better.[3]

It remains unclear what happened to these adventurers afterwards. Their names were never told (as these chapters didn't focus on them, anyway).