Appearance Edit

Face-Eater Moths, as the name implies, looks very similar to moths. They have insectile, furry legs, 2 fuzzy antenne, a head covered with hair. Their bodies are covered with chitin that is filled with a pattern of black spots. Where they strong differentiate themselves are their mouths, for which they are infamous for; they are filled with razor-sharp teeth.[1]

One type of Face-Eater Moths are referred to as "mothers", as they lay tens of thousands of eggs.[2]

Background Edit

Face-Eater Moths were the primary enemy during the Moth's Attack on Liscor in the Spring of 23 A. F. They were ultimately defeated by a rainstorm summoned by Pisces, Falene, and Moore, as they were unable to fly through the rain.[2]

Powers and Abilities Edit

Their horrifyingly sharp teeth allow them to bite faces clean off, hence the name, and tear through arms.

When they become aggressive they open their mouths and emit a terrifying, high-pitched shriek that almost sounds like laughter, loud and hysteric.[1]

After being killed, many moths continue to harbor larvae inside them, as a repopulation technique.[3] If not properly eliminated, through burning or destruction, a permanent population of moths may continue to reside in the targeted city.

Trivia Edit

  • Liscor's dungeon housed a huge swarm of tens of thousands of Face-Eater Moths.There were at least nine moths that were larger than Erin's inn[2], while even the smaller ones were the size of a wagon. Before Ylawes saw them fyling out of the dungeon, he didn’t think they could reach such a gigantic size. The biggest one he had ever seen prior to that was mounted on a wall while only being as large as a Troll.[1]

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