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Falene Skystrall is a half-elf, a Gold-rank adventurer and a member of the Silver Swords. She is also a Wistram Graduate.


Falene is tall, glamorous, the picture of what half-Elves aspire to be—in a cliché way,[2] with unearthly features and light red hair.[1]


Falene is a tradionalist, seen for one by her addressing fellow female Half-Elves with "sister". Moreover, she tries to act like she thinks true Elves had, therefore conducts herself always with grace, dignity, and is the voice of logic and reason within any group.[1]


Falene originates from Gaiil-Drome.[3] Around three decades ago, Falene graduated from Wistram.[1]


Powers and Abilities[]

Not only does Falene know several Tier 4 spells but a Tier 5 one as well. Nevertheless, she is fond of rapid casting of low-Tier spells in quick succession, thereby overwhelming her foes with sheer variety and firepower.[4]


  • [Battlemage] Lv. ?[1]



  • Tier 0:
    • [Flashbang]
    • [Light]
  • Tier 2:
    • [Flame Spray]
    • [Jet Spray]
    • [Lightning Orb]
    • [Steel Arrows]
    • [Sticky Webs]
  • Tier 4:
    • [Force Barrier] / [Force Wall]
  • Tier 5:
    • ?
  • Unknown Tier:
    • [Acid Orb]
    • [Aerial Burst]
    • [Arrows of Stone]
    • [Binding Cords – Iron]
    • [Blue Lightning]
    • [Detect Magic]
    • [Farsight]
    • [Featherfall]
    • [Flash Fireball]
    • [Flashfire]
    • [Force Wall] / [Forcewall]
    • [Forcewall: Bubble]
    • [Frostdart Swarm]
    • [Grand Fireball]
    • [Gust of Air]
    • [Ink Spray]
    • [Lesser Twister]
    • [Lightning Bolt]
    • [Lightning Shroud]
    • [Muddy Ground]
    • [Noxious Fumes]
    • [Oiled Floor]
    • [Sand Spray]
    • [Silent Sickle]
    • [Speak]
    • [Speed]
    • [Telekinesis]
    • [Vacuum Sphere]
    • [Water Arrow]
    • [Windward]


  • While she appeared for the first time in Chapter 3.20 T, her identity was revealed in Chapter 4.45.
  • She is the first person to have ever read Erin's sign of ‘No Killing Goblins’.[1]
  • Falene, like Teriarch, noticed how the standards of Wistram have fallen after having observed Pisces and Ceria.[1]


  • (To Ylawes) “It says ‘No Killing Goblins’ on the sign outside, Ylawes. Didn’t you read it? You were warned.”
  • (To Erin) “Please excuse my companion, Miss Erin. We will abide by your rules so long as we remain at the inn. Allow me to introduce myself. I am Falene Skystrall. At your service.”
  • (To Ceria) “Magic is limited only by the quality of the mage, Ceria. This inn is a place of power. As am I.
  • (To Dawil) “Never say ‘our boy’ and my name in the same sentence again, Dawil. And I think he’s done it.”
  • (To Ceria and the rest) “Do not lie to me, sister. I may not be able to see inside a bag of holding, but I can hardly miss Ksmvr and Pisces sitting in their rooms, rolling in piles of gold and gems.”
  • (To Ryoka) “Insane? Short-tempered? Persistently drunk? And dirty?
  • (To Zedalien) “I’m sorry, brother—it’s just, someone has died that I knew. That I respected.”