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Is Mrsha creating fanart?
By Nordink/Pontastic

This page is dedicated to the awesome fans who created art based on The Wandering Inn’s story! Also check Pirateaba's own Fanworks page (possibly no longer as up-to-date). Also check the unofficial fan-managed Fanart booru (also possibly no longer as up-to-date) and the #gallery channel on the official Discord.

Note that Spoilers are present here.


The following gallery links to fanart, sorted by artist.

For fanart for specific characters, you may want to search here: Category:Galleries.

For fanart by Chronological and Chapter order, go here: Chronology Fanworks.

Bold Links connect to the galleries that show all TWI fanart uploaded to this wiki. The fanwiki tries to create such a gallery for all artists with more than one picture.