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Fearless are a type of Demon.


Fearless have an addition to their class, such as [Fearless Warrior] or [Fearless Mage], which prevents them to feel fear.

They are not common soldiers but more like shock troopers. Each one’s a dangerous fighter who’s not afraid to die, and they’ll charge through killing grounds if they have to. They’re not unintelligent, but they’re willing to die to take their target with them. The Demon King uses them when he wants to win[1]

Powers and Abilities[]

Fearless are incapable of feeling fear. However, they are still experiencing pain and are wary of attacks, possibly attempting to shield certain body parts to lessen it.[1]


  • The Blighted Kingdom tries to catch them instead of immediately slaying them to show the citizens their enemy. After that was done, they butcher them and eat their dark grey meat.[1]
  • It is believed that the Demon King doesn't have many such soldiers in his army.