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Femithain is a Crafter-Magus and an assemble member of the Illivere League.


He is a short man with fair-skin, and wears spectacles eyeglasses.[1]


He is a cool-headed man of scholarly conduct, and considered a dangerous politician despite the fact that he doesn't have the corresponding class. He is thoughtful and careful before he commits to a decision. In his opinion, war is not befitting his country unless necessary.[1] However, he is a man of his word and doesn't leave his tasks undone, as he stated while being in such a war.[2]

He likes to have a full possession of the facts before deciding anything.[3]

He regards Domehead as a son.


He was elected as the leader of the Illivere Federation, and held the position each year for the last 11 years.[4]

Unlike other wealthy rulers of Chandrar, he does not own a harem.[5]


Powers and Abilities[]


  • [Diplomat] Lv. ?
  • [Mage-Artificer] Lv. ?[4]
  • [Golem Artificer] Lv. ?[6]


  • [Sense Intentions]
  • [Sentience-class Crafting]


  • [Arrows of Light]
  • [Bubble of Displacement]
  • [Bubble of Silence]
  • [Dust Arrow]
  • [Fireball]
  • [Light Nets]
  • [Message]
  • [Paralysis Bolt]
  • [Sticky Webs]


  • 2 huge Steel Golems that were crafted by himself, which earn him the Magus-Crafter title. One is armed with a terror of a weapon, a maul nearly as tall as it was, and the other carries a shield and sword. They act as his personal bodyguard and are programmed to guard him with their lives.[4]


Enchanted Spectacles that can be adjust so that they can be used like telescopes or magnifying glasses.[7]


  • He is ranked among the Top 100 best in board game, in his nation consistently.[3]


  • (To Revine) “But who is ‘us’, Siren? I came here to discuss a course of action, but fighting the King of Destruction does not appeal to me.”
  • (To Dellic) “You will hold this ground. Retreat Illivere’s army when I fall, or when over half of the Golems are destroyed. Inform the Head Artificers that I nominate Artificer Antielle d’Elin as my replacement. [...] That is an order, [Armsmaster]. Now let us end this. I have intruded on the Empress of Beast’s lands too long. She is wroth with me and all of us.”
  • (To Nsiia) “Illivere survives, Empress. We choose the best course of action as we can. That is a Golem’s logic. I fear it makes poor people of us.”
  • To Nsiia:
    • “That may be, [Empress]. But I work for my nation. For now—Illivere has little to gain and everything to lose from allying with Reim.”
    • They are all to us, Nsiia. They are art and purpose.”
  • (To the Audience) “I say that as a ruler, laws passed, crimes committed under your governance reflect on those at the top. This tragedy was eminently preventable. I do not vote in favor of death, and I do not hold all of Belchan’s leadership to blame, as I have reiterated. But I do find Lyfelt guilty of the crimes laid at his feet.”
  • (To [Messenger]) “Do you mean to say that Illivere’s Golems are attempting to murder a Gold-rank adventurer who just participated in a worldwide event?”
  • To Nsiia:
    • “Illivere cares for Golems as much as people. Perhaps too much, Empress Nsiia. But if we are at fault—and we are—what of you?”
    • “Is there nothing in this world we can shatter that will hurt you, Empress Nsiia? You act as if only what breathes has value. What about the Spear of Tiqr? What about its crown, the palace, the nation itself? You are unkind. I thought better of you before this moment.”
  • (To himself) “The day I made him, he was not mine, but yours, Nsiia. Take care of him.”