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Warning! This page contains spoilers from recently released chapters. Proceed with caution and acid jars.

Feshi Weatherfur is the current Chieftain of the Weatherfur Tribe, a [Tactician] and one of Niers's advanced students.


Not tall by Gnoll standards, she has white stripes mixed with russet fur, and that normal pattern of Gnoll fur was changed again by colorful patterns of yellow, blue, and even hints of green or purple paint. Mostly the first two colors, yellow and blue, patterned on her arms. She wore long earrings, two links of beads dangling from her right ear, but none on her left. She only wore them were they would not be accidentally torn out.[1]


Feshi has a habit of obsessing over something, a trait shared by the other members of her tribe, often for days on end. After receiving one of the Diamond Swords of Serept from Will, Feshi becomes plagued with feelings of imposter syndrome, believing that she does not deserve the honor and prestige given by the Weatherfur Tribes and other Gnoll. However, she possesses great leadership skills and has a way with words, as seen when she was able to rally the people of Daquin to rise up against the Iron Vanguard.[2] As noted by Niers, Feshi usually depends on her cunning over trusting her ability to win in a death match.[3]


She was born as part of the Weatherfur Tribe to a [Gatherer]-[Fletcher] couple.[1]


TBA From ....


TBA From Chapter 8.49 M


TBA From Chapter 8.52 MN


TBA From Chapter 8.60


TBA From Interlude – Satar


Powers and Abilities[]


  • [Tactician] Lv. ?
  • [Shaman] Lv. ?[4]


  • [Instantaneous Reload]
  • [Mark Position]
  • [Visualize Outcomes]


  • [Bursting Arrow]




She and Venaz don’t like each other.[5]


  • Her surname was revealed in Interlude – The Titan’s Question.
  • While Chieftain Torishi Weatherfur is indeed Feshi’s Aunt, which was completely true, and Feshi did use that term, and they were indeed close. But technically, Feshi was Torishi’s first cousin five times removed. Not exactly ‘close in the tribe’, given that Weatherfur’s Gnolls shared a common bloodline.[1]


  • (To Cameral) “Aside from the smell I got from him? You can tell by his war markings. On his fur? No one from the cities would dare wear that.”
  • (To Venaz) “Minotaur might? One bag of Tripvines and you’ll be caught. This is a game about intelligence, Venaz. Cunning. Or did you forget this morning already?”
  • (To Venaz & Wil) “How? By beating Tulm with your fists? Not so, I think. But I have an idea. It’s my turn to shine. Wil. Will you lend me your ear?”
  • (To Venaz) “An army. One without fear. Numberless. To drown the Iron Vanguard and the Forgotten Wing alike. Your idea gave mine wings. So I give you credit. But this? This is my moment.”
  • (To Venaz) “Venaz, you are more stubborn than one of my clan’s dogs with a bone. Drop it.”