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Fetohep is an Undead Revenant and the nineteenth ruler of Khelt.


Fetohep has well-preserved dark, leathery skin, although time and lack of moisture have worn away at him. He wears rich clothes made of fine silk that sparkle when they are in the light. A burning, golden magical light fills his eye sockets.[2]


Fetohep is arrogant and does not tolerate disrespect to himself or his nation. He is very protective of his people, taking great care ensuring their welfare, while also being proud of Khelt and its accomplishments. Being undead, he has few passions, though upon meeting Trey, he has been gaining more of an interest in things in general. Additionally, he tends to overlook about the mundane needs of the living, such as sleeping or breathing.[3] Fetohep is well-learned on many subjects and is happy to share his knowledge or opinions though he is inclined to drone for hours.


Fetohep does not level. However, he still has access to all his old Skills. He differs from other Revenants that are consumed by their grudges, their hatred of the living. In life, he swore to protect Khelt, which he still upholds in undeath.[1] He served the previous ruler of Khelt, Xierca. as a warrior. At some point, he was chosen to be her successor.[3]

Due to his own longevity and the even older memories of the Quarass, Fetohep maintains good relations to her and Germina. He especially recognizes her role as representative of the Shield Kingdoms.


Fetohep began his rule 653 years ago.[1]

A few decades ago, Khelt was forced to bow to Flos Reimarch in his conquest of Chandrar, though it was freed from subservience after he went into slumber.

Volume 6[]

Some time after Flos awakened, Fetohep sent an army of twenty thousand undead as a "message" to Flos that Fetohep was refusing to join him.[4] Flos sent the Quarass and Trey in the hopes of interceding with him in Reim's favor. Though he initially dismisses the Quarass's offer of a non-aggression agreement and a tribute, Fetohep becomes interested when Trey reveals himself to be from another world. They have a conversation about Earth, which Fetohep is peeved to learn that it has countries that are more bountiful than Khelt. He is also intrigued by Trey's iPhone and watches pirated episodes of Sherlock. Afterwards, Fetohep accepts a non-aggression vow from Flos in exchange for a tribute of food.[2]

Volume 7[]

After Az'kerash discovers the secret to unlocking true sentience for undead and Golems by examining Toren, he sends a letter to Fetohep, the contents of which are still unknown.[5]

Fetohep is able to sense the discovery of the Diamond Swords of Serept by the Titan's students, and appears as a sand apparition to them. He offers them three swords, in exchange for bringing the rest back to Khelt.[6]

Powers and Abilities[]


  • [Undying King] Lv. ?[1]
  • [Warrior] Lv. ?[7]
  • [Rider] Lv. ?[8]


  • [Chosen Blow]
  • [Dangersense]
  • [Follow My Back]
  • [I Fought Against Five Alone]
  • [Like a Lion, He Leapt]
  • [Spear Art: Sands Fly Apart]
  • [Summon: Company of Khelt]

Unique Skills:[]

  • [Open the Vaults]
    • [Open the Vaults: The Gemstone Giant’s Halberd of Khelt]


  • [The Desiccation of Zeikhal]


  • He was mentioned for the first time in Ch 6.14 K. At that point, Flos didn't know for sure that Fetohep was undead.[9]
  • At some point in the past, when Fetohep was still alive, he traveled to Baleros and also visited Invinctel.[1]
  • Fetohep considers Centaurs to be the most attractive species in the world.[10]