Fetohep is an Undead Revenant and the 19th ruler of Khelt.


Fetohep has well-preserved dark, leathery skin, although time and lack of moisture have worn away at him. He wears rich clothes made of fine silk that sparkle when they are in the light. A burning, golden magical light fills his eye sockets.[2]



Fetohep does not level. However, he still has access to all his old Skills. He differs from other Revenants that are consumed by their grudges, their hatred of the living. In life, he swore to protect Khelt, which he still upholds in undeath.[3]


Powers and Abilities


  • [Undying King] Lv. ?[3]




  • He was mentioned for the first time in Ch 6.14 K.


  • (To Quarass) “Few guests bear welcome in Khelt. Fewer still worthy of respect. One stands before us today. We are Fetohep, [King] of Khelt. We greet the Quarass, may she live forever. The Shield Kingdoms have ever been allies of Khelt. And memory is the shield against folly.”
  • (To Quarass) “Khelt remembers, and Khelt honors the Shield Kingdoms. Nevermore shall our foes set foot upon these sands. So we greet the Quarass of Germina. Dragonbane.”
  • (To Quarass) “The Shield Kingdoms stand; let Dragons beware!”


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