Fezimet is a Quexal, and the leader of the Featherfolk Brigade Company.

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He has brilliant light green, plates like scales, with the feathers of his plumed wings changing from gold to green at the tips. When he is upright and without counting the rest of his tail, he is over 7 feet tall.[1]

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  • (To Daly & Geneva) “Good morning to you, Humans. You must be Daly of the United Nations company, and Geneva, the Last Light of Baleros. My name is Fezimet. I am the leader of the Featherfolk Brigade. And before you ask I’m a Quexal. You’ve probably never seen anyone like me, am I right? Tell me I’m right.”
  • (To Geneva) “Glorious Fezimet, please, Miss Scala. I’m joking. Call me whatever you like! Am I joking? I probably am.”

References Edit

  1. Chapter 6.20 D
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