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Filk, also called Filc is a considerable human city in the general area of the Unseen Empire in northern Izril.

Geography Edit

RiverfarmArea Map

A map of the Riverfarm area after the War against Rags (Artist's rendition)

Filk is around 32 miles away from Riverfarm,[1] which makes it roughly as close to Riverfarm as the other nearby city, Bells.[2]

History Edit

Laken was able to identify a local goblin tribe, the Frostfeeder tribe. While they were out and hunting these goblins, the army of Filk was ambushed and slaughtered by Rags, who then marched further straight towards Riverfarm. This was the motivation for Laken to defend himself by ambushing Rags with poison, leading towards the war with her that Tyrion Veltras ended when he drove Rags to the south and towards Liscor.[3]

Locations Edit

  • Runner's Guild[4] (the last one within miles of the city, until Riverfarm can establish one)
  • shop of Jenkil Thert [Broker], also called Ratwhisperer (deceased)[5]

Filk doesn't have a [Thieves Guild] or anything similar.[5]

Trivia Edit

  • The [Headman] of the nearby town of Gec is also called Filk.[6]

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